15 April 2011

Hooray For JCrew!

I am just amazed at how closed minded so much of the world is today. Maybe it's always been that way. It makes me sad. Yesterday a couple of first or second grade girls were making fun of Mr. Man and I because we were holding hands as we walked to school. It just made me angry. I wanted slap their parents, if I knew who they were.

I have never understood the need for labels. Gay, straight, bi...WTF does it matter? 

In my life time I have painted my finger and toe nails bright red on more than one occasion. Just for fun. And I liked it. I wear an anklet, ear rings, a necklace, rings on my fingers and on a toe...often, all at the same time.  I have worn make up and not to dress up in drag, but just to wear it. 

And, hold your hat...I have even kissed a man on the lips. 

At no time in my life have I ever been confused about who or what I am. I have never needed psycho therapy. Or thought that I was a harmful influence on my son. The thought of people getting their pantie in a bunch over this JCrew add...

 makes me sad for the future of humanity. It's this kind of bigotry and narrow minded thinking that will ruin people and drive them into counseling. Not a little pink polish on a boy.

How do you even get through to people like that? Are they even capable of rational, kind and open minded thinking?

These are the toes of Mr. Man when he was around three and a half. He rocked this look. I have no doubt that he will never be confused about who or what he is.

For as long as I can, I will hold his hand when we walk. I will paint his nails if asks. I will encourage him to be who he wants to be and live his life the way he wants to live it. I will love him no matter what and I will teach him to love others with an open mind.

When I get home, I just might paint my toe nails bright red.(pink just isn't my color) Just because I can.


delmer said...

Neon Red!

I can remember my brother and me dressing up in my mother's old dresses when we were younger. It just what kids do. We never gave it a second thought.

Kelly said...

This post made me smile. Good for you! Your little guy knew what he was doing when he chose you to be his dad. :)

Dave2 said...

You HAVE set aside money for Mr. Man's therapy, just like Dr. Ablow suggests, haven't you? :-)

eclectic said...

Our daughter, Brooke is older than our son, Grayson, so when we would paint her toes on the weekends, Grayson would put his little piggies up there to be painted, too. This was a frequent ritual. Then, one day Grayson, at age 4 was sent home from a playdate at our neighbor's house when the other boy's dad arrived from work and saw Grayson's toes painted pink. He was told to go home and take that stuff off his feet if he wanted to play at their house. Seriously!

My husband and I were shocked because the mom saw Grayson's toes nearly every day and had no problem with it, and the little boy & Grayson were best buddies. We just couldn't believe that people we were FRIENDS with could be so mean to a little boy they know and like over something so impossibly stupid.