23 December 2007

Little Things..

It's amazing how certain events can put the entire world in perspective. Sometimes it's the smallest of things.

What matters most is what we do with our new found perspective.

Fear and the unknown most often send people on a spiritual journey. I've taken many such trips. Each time I have found myself in the same place at the end of said trip.

Which leads me to two conclusions.

One: I have already found what I've been looking for and return to it when in doubt.


Two: I am completely lost and traveling in circles.

Either way, I know that I'm enjoying the ride.

There are many things that we will never have control over, no matter what we do. It's frightening.

What helps me is being able to let go of that fear. Like riding roller coasters. Hands in the air. Enjoy the ride, because it's over before you know it.

13 December 2007


A lifetime ago when I played baseball, my specialty was defense. Being a catcher, one of my favorite things to do was to catch for the pitchers that could throw the knuckler. You don't really catch knuckeballs, at best you stop them. Keeping the ball in front of you is the best you can do.

Bob Uecker said, "I always thought the knuckleball was the easiest pitch to catch. Wait'll it stops rolling, then go to the backstop and pick it up." ―

The beauty of a knuckleball is that they move. When thrown right, they move a lot. In any and every direction. They are unpredictable and uncontrollable.

It's been years since I had given any thought to the knuckelball. Until this week.

I find myself overwhelmed. My mind so preoccupied with with something I have no control over that it's consuming me.

I find myself looking for distractions. Anything I can find to do or think about, to take my thoughts away. It's difficult. The not knowing.

Soon I find that my mind has gone back to the what if''s. My eyes well up with tears. My chest grows tight. My life, my dreams, my fears, my hopes, all flashing before me. I shake my head, wipe my eyes and force my thoughts in another direction. If only for a moment. Plaster on the best fake smile I can and put on a brave face. I tell the voice to shut up. It's nothing.

I can see the same fear in her face. It's the not knowing. She puts on a smile for me but I can see through it. I smile back.

Don't worry baby. Everything will be alright.

I fight back tears, smile and distract us. I don't let her see that I'm afraid. I joke about it. It's how I cope.

For the first time in seven years I lit a cigarette. The rush of tar and nicotine to my system makes my head spin. I wish it's something much stronger. Something, anything, to take the edge off. I've lit several since then.

It's most likely nothing. It could be everything. Uncontrollable and unpredictable.

Things that were important last week seem so trivial today.

It's when you grow complacent, catching fastballs and curves, that you are unprepared for anything else. Then someone throws you a knuckleball...

11 December 2007

C'est Fini...

May I introduce "Maitresse"...

16 x 20 inches, oil on canvas.

I can't remember the last painting I spent this much time on. There have been a couple of changes since I shot this photo but this is basically it. I'm pleased with her.

08 December 2007

Getting Back...

After what has been almost a week of being a storm refugee, we are again home. The power came back on this morning just before midnight. All safe and well.


Portland is a great city and after living on the Oregon coast, a much needed oasis of civilization.

We tried to have a little fun while we were there.

Christmas lights at The Grotto, complete with choirs, carolers, a petting zoo and a puppet show about the littlest angel.

The Christmas "Holiday" Tree in Pioneer Square.
I love the color of the sky in this shot. It's a little blurry, but I was shooting from a moving car while driving. I probably shouldn't do things like that.

Mr. Man loved the belly dancer at Marrakesh. She was good. A wonderful time with excellent, traditional Moroccan food, decor and entertainment.

This was one of the many hillsides just out side of Cannon Beach. If you look close, the trees that didn't get blown over have been broken off. There was several miles of this kind of devastation.

This is, was, the largest Sitka Spruce tree in the country. It stood just a few miles from us on Highway 26. Over 215 feet tall, 58 feet around and more than 750 years old. It is now the countries largest Sitka Stump. This weeks storm broke it off about 75 feet from the base.

05 December 2007

Easel Update...And More

I have so much to say and so little time. Oh wait, I have plenty of time.

Here is the second session with my recent portrait. There was a problem with her left eye. There still is. I am pretty sure I can still fix her. I like this painting so far so I will continue.

I haven't tried looking at her in a mirror yet but I will as soon as I get home.

Speaking of not being home, we are currently in Portland. Let me fill you in.

On Sunday Afternoon, Dec 2nd the coast of Oregon was hit with a massive wind and rain storm. Almost thirty hours of wind of 40 to over 100 mph. We lost electricity, land line phones and cell phones. The city we live in has only three roads out. All three of them were impassable until this morning. Now only one is open. Barely.

The damage was amazing. Hundreds of trees down. Some were more than a hundred years old. Massive in size. Uprooted or broken off like they were twigs. Flooding was wide spread. Some areas had up to five feet of water. Land slides, sink holes and downed power lines were and are every where.

For almost three full days we have been trapped on the coast of Oregon with no way to get out. No way to call the outside world.

Fortunately we had a supply of non perishable food, water, propane, fire wood and other necessities to survive.

The status report is that our area may still be without power for 2 to 5 more days.

As soon as we heard that a road was open we packed a few things, the kid, the dog and left for civilization.

I once again have contact with the outside world. We may be in Portland for a day or three.

Here are a few photos. I'm sorry for the poor quality but this was my first natural disaster.

This house is just down the road from our house. These trees are, were, huge.

This tree is in our neighborhood. The yellow ribbons are on on power lines.

A shot of some of the flooding down the road from us.

There is normally a road right here.

This was a very large billboard.

As we drove to Portland the carnage was unbelievable. I didn't stop to take any photos but will shoot a few on the way home. Since we are now some what tourists. We are going to look at a few city Christmas lights and have a nice meal.

More to come...

02 December 2007

On The Easel...4

Thank you Eclectic and Ms. Glaze for your name suggestions. I like them both and will be using them soon. I ended up calling the last painting "Christine". I'm going to leave it for now but reserve the right to change it later.

I started this painting tonight. It's the same model as the last. This was the first sitting. About two hours worth of work. It's 18 x 24 inches.

There is something about it I'm not liking. I can't put my finger on it. She looks alright but...
I don't know what it is. Even though, I'm not ready to paint over her just yet. I will most likely work through another session with it before I decide.

Of course this all could simply be the fact that I am STILL not sleeping. This could possibly be the longest run of insomnia I've ever had. I may never sleep again.

26 November 2007

On The Easel...

Still not sleeping but I am painting. This week I have been working on this. She's 33 x 49 inches. I haven't thought of a name for her yet, so suggestions are welcome. It's finished, for the most part. Although, I never know when to quit.

25 November 2007

The Rewards Of Good Service...

About a month ago a couple was in the gallery looking around. The woman found two works she really liked. I gave them the whole nine yards. We spent about an hour or so talking. I answered all of their questions and addressed objections. The man had no interest in buying right then so I sent them with information about the work and the gallery.

This week the man calls the gallery. We spoke for a while. I answered more questions. He wanted the works for Christmas. He liked the way they were framed. The price was ok.

All of his questions answered and objections over come he says, "I'm going to try and find them locally. Thanks." and he hangs up on me.

WTF? I pride myself with offering above average service. When I do all the work I expect the sale.

I was pissed about this for the rest of the day and most of the next.

So I called him back. I apologized for bothering him and asked what it was I had done to offend. He didn't understand. So I tell him, "You were in my gallery, saw the work. You liked them. You called me back. You want them. After everything I've done for you, you would rather give your money to a gallery you've never been in. I must have done something wrong. In order for me to improve I would very much like to know what I could have done differently."

I have no doubt my tone was condescending. At least I meant it to be.

He stuttered and stammered for something to say. He said it was because he called a couple of times and we weren't there. But he didn't bother to leave a message. He thought we were closed for the winter. Yet he called back again and left a message.

What a lame ass excuse. When he did leave a message I called him back within hours.

I have no doubt he will stop in again next time he's in town. With any luck I will still be in business so he can look around and waste my time.

Gallery rule: If you are in a gallery, or any store for that matter, and find something you want. If you get good service. Buy it from that place or don't waste their time.

19 November 2007

More Spare Time...

It's almost 1:30am and I'm still in the studio. Still not sleeping. What's worse is that now I'm not painting either.

The gallery has been keeping me busy with the new artists, doing all of our own framing and most of another galleries framing.

Mr. Man is getting to be more of a handful with each passing day. It's awesome how fast kids learn. When I'm not at the gallery I'm with him. Precious and I still trade off. It's just the two of us to run the gallery and care for Bug.

Now, as if that all weren't enough. I have agreed to take over for the gallery across the sky bridge. It's about fifteen feet from our gallery.

It's basically just a storage space with display for two other galleries in town. The owners would like to try and sell from this space but didn't really want to hire someone to work there.

The doors will stay closed. I'll have a key. If anyone wants to look around they just have to ask.
Just what I needed, right?


Because I'm a Mole, I have made my first guest mole post at Taupes delires, Idol Worship.
I hope that it's worthy of Laurence and the Bee Happy tradition of excellence.

15 November 2007

A Little Batty...

How many of you know this candy bar? It's the Twin Bing. One of the most fabulous candy bars ever made. I haven't seen them since I left the mid west 20 plus years ago. My dad is a huge fan of these as well and has talked about them for decades. I bought an entire box of them for him for Christmas. That's 144 candy bars. Ok I've eaten several of them already. He should end up with about a hundred of them. They are so good!


I just downloaded the PhotoStamps application for Tiger. It lets me make postage stamps with my own photos. It works with iPhoto also, which is cool. So today I made a couple of sheets of stamps with Mr. Man's photo on them. Next will be my art work, art from the gallery, all kinds of crazy things.


How many days can a person go with out a decent night sleep? I'm going on....three years now. I can't seem to get more that about three to five hours, and not even consecutive hours.

It's making me a little batty.


Political Correctness is TOTALLY out of control. What the hell is wrong with people? Will no one be happy until everything is ruined for everyone else? When did everyone get so touchy and easily offended by absolutely everything?

I just read about Santa's not being allowed to say "Ho Ho Ho" because it may be degrading to women. What kind of person would be offended by Santa and his Ho Ho Ho? And is this the kind of person that anyone should be listening too?

Let me tell you. Crazy fucked up people and NO. They need a big heaping helping of STFU!

How about calling things the way the are? How about taking responsibility for our own actions? What if we stopped catering to the lowest common denominator of humanity?

Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life America.

09 November 2007

Playing With Fire...

After several weeks of the most beautiful fall weather, the rain has returned. I've been watching it out the window of my studio. Pacing back and forth. Sorting paintings, drawings and stacks of things from one pile to another.

I stood in front of my canvas for what I thought was a few minutes. It was an hour and a half.

More pacing. More sorting. I have been changing channels for I don't know how long. Still haven't seen anything for more than a few seconds. I'm not sure why I'm even doing it.

Precious and Mr. Man have been asleep for hours. Every now and then I sneak upstairs to kid myself I'm going to bed. I poke at the fire. Sparks dance and fade away. I stand over Mr. Man and stare. He talks in his sleep. My mind wanders into the future. His future. What will the world hold for him? I want to lock him inside and never let him go.

Insomnia makes my mind go. It wont shut off. More pacing. I think I'll go play with the fire.

08 November 2007

Why Must You Mock Me...

Sometimes the voices get so loud. And of course they all want to talk at once. It makes it hard to hear any of them clearly. Ignoring them is usually the best. Eventually they fade.

The visions on the other hand, are soft and quiet. Crystal clear in my mind. Every detail is right there in front of me. But they're stuck.

No matter how clearly you can see them in your mind, getting them out is painstakingly difficult. No matter how you beg and plead with them.

They taunt you like a play ground bully.

What do you want from me? So close, I can almost touch them. When I reach out they pull back and fade away, only to come back clearer than ever.

Curse you! Stop it I say. Come out or go away!

For days, weeks, months and years at times. You toy with me. Just when I have you out of my mind you poke me with a stick. "Here I am, come get me."

I reach out only to have you pull away again. Re-opening the wound, rubbing salt in it and laughing at my pain. Mocking me.

Why can't I just let go of you? Why?

I beg of you, please...

04 November 2007

Quick Draw Update...Part 2

The reception at the gallery was a big success. Unless you equate sales with success. In that case it just stunk. Lots of people wanting to eat free food, drink free wine, watch Christopher paint and act like it was the social event of the year at MOMA. If only these people knew what MOMA was.

A lot of couples talking about which paintings they liked, which they loved, where they would hang the work once they got the work home. Everything we should hear right before they say, "I'll take it." Except they didn't say that. I so don't get this town.

The after party was at our house. We had about 20 people stop by. Friends, clients, artists.
Even with the time changing we managed to stay up until about 2 am. That would have been fine had I not need to be back at the gallery at 9:30 am.


This was the first practice work from the Quick Draw. It's 11 x 14 inches

This is the second of the practice works. It's 12 x 36 inches and it sold at the auction.

This was the main work that I painted for the event. It's 24 x 36 inches, oil on canvas.

Today we should be able to wrap up a few sales from the last few days. We better. It will be a bit slower. No more receptions today. Today it's all about the work.

Photos of Christopher's painting in the gallery will be up soon. He painted three works whie he was here.

03 November 2007

Quick Draw Update...Part One

The event was sold out. About three hundred people milling around, staring, asking silly questions.

I set up my table at about 6:45 pm, went directly to the bar for a double vodka rocks. $12. Bastards.

From 7 to 8 pm there was a catered reception for the crowd to meet and greet the artists, eat and drink. While I was talking, eating and drinking, and drinking, I was warming up by painting two smaller canvases. An 11 x 14 inch and a 12 x 36 inch. People stood and watched, took photos, blah blah.

At 8pm the time started and we were off. I chose to paint a 24 x 36 inch canvas. I was much more relaxed this year than last. I didn't stress. I took my time. I managed to talk with anyone that stopped to ask questions. I paused for drinks. I asked people what they thought as I painted.

I managed to finish my painting in about 40 minutes. I was pleased with it. It gave me a chance to wonder around for a while to see what the other artists were doing. There was some good work as well as some crap.

At 9pm the auction started. My work came up while I was hiding at the back of the crowd. I don't like the auction part. This year mine sold for $975. After the quick draw works were auctioned a few of us that had done others were asked to auction those as well. The 12 x 36 inch also sold for $475. Not bad. It was about there wholesale prices. I was pleased.

Photos will follow of course.

Today we have had Christopher Mathie in the gallery painting. Tonight our reception starts at 6 ish. The town is packed for the weekend.

Right now I took a break from the gallery so I could come home and make a lasagna. We will have about a dozen guests tonight after the receptions are over. About 10-11pm.

I have to finish cooking tonight apps and get them and myself back to the gallery.

More to come...

29 October 2007

Within The Maddness...

Sure, it's 11:30 at night, but that is the best time to carve punkins. Mr. Man loves to help. Right up to the time when we have to dig the guts out. Then he just wants to watch.

Day before yesterday I hung cobwebs around the house. I have them all over the place. I hung a few of them too low and I keep running into them. Mostly in the middle of the night when I forget that they're there. Truth be told, Precious did most all of the decorating, and costume making, and planning, and everything else for that matter. She's great that way.

We also made a foam board skeleton, tombstones and a few other creepy things.

I have actually managed to get in a second practice piece for the Quick Draw. I might try to get in one more tomorrow. This one took me all of 35 minutes. I am going into this with a completely different attitude than last year. Hopefully Precious is going to get to come to this years event. We have a baby sitter and everything.

"Cannon Beach No 2" 24 x 36 inches. Oil on canvas.

And another addition to the Birch series. I painted it a week or so ago.

"Birch No 4" 22 x 24 inches, oil on canvas

It's Chaos Man...

This is the final week before the "Quick Draw" event. Friday the 2nd at 7pm. Have I been practicing? Nope.

Tonight a few friends are having a practice session. Am I going? Nope.

What have I been doing? 14 hour days.

We are still trying to get the gallery ready. Painting, lighting, general maintenance. I have been framing work for two of the other galleries in town, plus all of our own framing. Of course everyone wants their work the next day. Sure you say! Can you say "rush charge"? We still have to rehang the gallery for the weekend. Still need to arrange for food. I did buy a couple of cases of wine and champaign. So the important stuff is done. Booze.

Precious was sick last week. Even had to go to Urgent Care. Turned out to be nothing too serious.

We are having a Halloween party on Wednesday. It's not easy to turn a house into a house of horror. Pictures will follow.

It's time for a glass or four, of some nice Porto. I can always get more for the gallery, right?

24 October 2007

A Means To Better Understanding...

When I was a child growing up, my Dad ran with the Briefs. I'm sure it was because his dad, my grand father aligned himself with the Boxers. Kids always like to be rebellious.

As it would go, when the choice was mine to make, I wanted to be rebellious too. I wasn't about to hang with the same crowd as my parents. The Briefs were old school. I was free and untamed. Naturally I was drawn to the Commandos. They set their own rules. They were free and no one told them where to go or what to do.

I knew plenty of Briefs in school. Their dads were Boxers. The Briefs were alright guys but we saw things differently. At times I would hang with the Briefs. I tried to keep an open mind. While dating a certain girl in high school I even spent a good deal of time with the Bikini crowd. Who among us hasn't experimented ?

All in all I still found that I enjoyed the anarchistic life of the Commandos.

It was during a trip to Brazil that I met a lovely young lady that introduced me to the Thongs. She made it sound appealing. The exotic nature of it all. I was hung up on what I thought was their restrictive nature. Like the Bikinis, 'butt'...more severe.

Like most men I am easily swayed by an attractive woman. I converted to the Thongs. At first I found them in conflict with my Commando nature. After awhile it became more and more comfortable. I could see the appeal. Close to the Commando but with a little more of a group support system. At times the support was much needed. Who doesn't need a little support now and then?

As I have grown older I have learned that there is no one way to life. It's best to keep an open mind. Knowing about all of the clans makes for a well rounded and comfortable life.

Each of the clans; Boxers, Briefs, Bikinis, Thongs and Commandos has advantages and disadvantages.

I try to unite the best of all the beliefs. Different situations call for different methods. It is by understanding those around us that we can live with those around us, in peace.

21 October 2007

This Week In The Gallery...

This week we have added a new artist to the gallery. A brilliant young man from the Seattle area. Christopher Mathie. He paints and throws pottery. We are going to add both to our selection.

The paintings have an attractive sense of angst. I find it very appealing. Strong, bold colors and texture. Powerful, uninhibited brush strokes. His subject matter ranges from city to sea, all with an abstract quality that keeps the viewer wondering and questioning.

"Big Changes at the Narrows" Acrylic Mixed Media 48 x 60 inches

"Untitled" a three piece set of paintings and a Raku pot.

The pottery on the other hand is soft and deliberate and shows the artists ability to be precise when needed.

His works are going to make a wonderful addition to the gallery, and probably our house.

Check my side bar, "Art You Should Own" for his web site.


The following exchange just had to be shared. For a moment I thought this woman was trying to be funny, I'm still not sure. This could be the dumbest thing I have ever been asked.

A lady and her kids came into the gallery to view the Dr Seuss collection. I was telling her about the art and why some of it is called, The Secret Art.

She looks around for awhile, in awe of the works. As she is leaving the gallery she stops...

Lady: Are all of these Dr Seuss works?

Me: Everything except the bronze pieces. Those are made by someone else.

Lady: What about this Green one here?

Me: You mean the Kangaroo Bird? Yes, that's a Dr Seuss also.

Lady: No this green one right here.

Me: ....Excuse me?....Are you looking at that?

Lady: Yes this...I've never seen anything like it. Is it a Dr. Seuss?

Me:....That... is... a... ficus tree...

Lady: A ficus tree...It's pretty.

If only I could make things like this up. She gave me a headache.

18 October 2007

The Joy Of The Oregon Coast...

The weather report was for light rain, high 50's with wind in the 15 to 30 mile per hour range.

The reality: Heavy to torrential downpour, mid to high 40's with a steady wind of about 40 with gusts up to 75 miles per hour.

I wish you could hear it from where I am. The wind is howling through the doors and windows. Every now and then the building actually moves and shakes from the gusts. It makes the rain sound like little rocks hitting the glass. The power flickers on and off.

Guess how many people are going venture out in this today to come look at art. No really, guess.

Anyone that guessed more than a big fat zero, you're wrong.

Holy Hurricane's Batman!

To the frame shop Boy Wonder. There is always work to be done in the name of fine art.


Can you say, "It's time for a vacation?"

15 October 2007

Life With A Three Year Old...

We started a Halloween countdown calender for Mr. Man. Everyday we put a new magnet on the board to countdown the days until our costume party.

Today Mr. Man comes running into my studio...

Mr. Man: Daddy, Daddy, Daddy! We need a magnet on our board.

Me: Ok, let's do it.

Mr. Man: NO NO. I can do it

Me: Alright, you can do it. It's Monday today.

Mr. Man: Right, Monday. Ok, great, gotcha, Monday.....Monday...............Monnnndaaaaaay......

Mr. Man: Hey Dad?

Me: Yes Mr.?

Mr. Man: What's Monday?

11 October 2007

Why I Love Bloggers...And Portland

Beta-carotene has sent me this link about the bike pile that I photoed in Portland this week.

Exactly one minute later (according to my inbox) Iron Fist sent me this link about the bike pile.

It's the same site they both link to, but they have different photos on them.

This is sort of public art by a group called ZooBombers.

Thank you both very much. You guys are awesome!

The more I learn about Portland the more I like it.

I Had No Idea...

Thank you to Stacy. She sent me this link about the Horse project in Portland.

I thought it was just a random horse. I had never heard of the horse rings or the project.

I like it even more now.

10 October 2007

Spare Time...

There is only twenty more days before "Quick Draw". So far I have only painted one practice piece. I have managed to paint a few others though.

"Untitled" 8 x 24 inch oil on canvas.

"Untitled" three panel, 8 x 24 each, oil on canvas.

"Birch No 3" 18 x 24 inch oil on canvas

I have been re-working a couple of other works.

I have decided to paint over the bottom three panels of this work. I will be keeping just this one. I like the way this looks by itself.

I have added a few layers to this painting. I have decided that it's done. The photos aren't the best, but I'm pleased with it.


Yesterday we closed the gallery and went to Portland. These trips are usually last minute. It's more for our sanity and need for a little bit of culture. We stopped at a street vendor and ate Gyros. I love Greek food, and street vendors. It's a perfect combo.

This is Precious and Mr. Man from the fifth floor of the parking garage. Every time we visit Portland (or anywhere else) we have to ride the trains. That's what we were waiting for here.

These two photos were just too funny. I love seeing things like this. I make up all kinds of stories as to what they are and why they are there.

"Mustang Parking"
This little horse was about four inches tall and chained to the sidewalk. Why you ask?
Because if you leave your horse unchained it wanders off or someone takes it. Duh

This could only be one of two things.
Of course I have no idea what either of those things are but it could be only one of them.

05 October 2007

On The Easel...

This is what I've been working on this week. My favorite thing to paint and photograph. Naked women. Shocker, I know. This piece is four panels, each 10 x 30 inches. I have been interested in the multi panel works. This painting still needs a few more layers and a few detail adjustments.
I was really liking the way it was coming...until I moved it and separated the panels.

Now that I have moved them apart, it's freaking me out. She is totally creepy with the panels a few inches apart. It's the top two panels. The gap between her nose and mouth is what ruins it for me. I like the lower three panels. That gap under her nose makes her face really creepy.
Precious said she was too "porn-ish" anyway. I can see what she means. I am using web porn girls for models. It's not easy to find a good model.

Ideally I would love to find one or two women that I could use all of the time. I want to have a uniform look to the female works. It would also help to have them in person once in while instead of just photos. This work is 10 x 30 inches, single panel. This is just the under painting. It has a long way to go.

02 October 2007

Run Over By The Past...Part 4

It was April when Shelly's sister contacted me. It had been more than 9 years since we had heard from her. More than 7 years since Shelly had passed.

After I had told her what had happened, we cried for awhile. She asked me for the things of Shelly's that I had left. Something to remember her sister by.

It had been so long. I had mourned for her. I had moved on with my life. My thoughts of Shelly were limited to the best of times. No sense remembering the bad. It had ended long ago. She was dead and I had nothing more than my memories.

I was resentful that her sister had the nerve to ask me for Shelly's things. Where had she been all these years?

I have been thinking about it for almost six months now. Trying to put myself in her sisters place. I have had almost seven years to grieve, mourn and heal. For Shelly's sister, this all just happened. She just learned of Shelly's fate. To her Shelly has just passed.

There is no way I can imagine what her family has been through or is going through now. I have never lost a sibling. I have never been estranged from my sister.

For the last few months I have had a box of Shelly's things ready to ship. Going through what remained was much more difficult than I had imagined it would be. The past has a way of playing tricks on your memory. Emotions I had long forgotten were suddenly fresh in my mind.

I have finally put Shelly's things in a box. Her ashes were among those things. There has been many days that I have talked to those ashes. The way I should have spoken to her when she was here. I had a difficult time then. It has been difficult this time too.

I think the time has come for me to say goodbye. Maybe I can mend a few of the wounds from when she was alive. Maybe I can help her family heal. Their grieving has just begun.

The box is addressed to Shelly's sister. Most everything that still remains of her life. What remains of her. I'm sending her ashes.

Shelly will always be a part of me. She will always be a part of my life. I hope that Shelly's family can get past what ever problems they had. It's too late to do anything else.

30 September 2007

New Space...

Welcome to the new space, please come in.
Straight ahead is the main space. To the right is the secondary space. It will become our frame shop, viewing area and bar. Yes, we are putting in a bar with this gallery. Things are looking up already.

This is the main space. We will have to play with it for awhile to figure out where everything should go. I have moved the sofa three times already. From the far window on the left we can see all of downtown.

This is where the desk is going to stay. We can see both spaces from here and it covers a big rip in the carpet.

This space gets a much different crowd than the other space. Being next door to the toy store brought in absolutely everyone who came to town. Being upstairs changes that. In a good way.

We put a few chairs in this area. To contemplate art, life and where to have lunch.
This gallery doesn't smell like pizza all of the time. A huge plus.

It does smell like incense. The last tenant was a new age crystal and bead store. She used to give "Psychic Massage", she would lay you on a table surrounded by mirrors, crystals, incense etc. She never touched you. It was all done psychically. All for $45.00 an hour. I am so in the wrong business.

25 September 2007

Halloween and Falcon Cape...

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, so Mr. Man needed a few decorations. It was all Precious really. She cut these out the other night. I helped a little. Mr. Man "accidentally" cut the tail off of the cat with the scissors. Boys...
We are going to have a costume party for Halloween. Mr. Man is going to be Peter Pan. Precious is going to be Tinkerbell and I am going to be Captain Hook. Arrr!


We drove down the coast for awhile to a trail head that goes to Falcon Cape. The trail goes way out to the point in the center of this photo. It's about a four and a half mile walk on a very well maintained trail.

Monday we decided to close the gallery and take a family day. We will have to spend the rest of this week moving the gallery across the street, so some personal time was needed. This was the start of our day. Up the trail.

Along the trail...

This is about 3/4's of the way. We stopped and had lunch on the trail. I never go into the woods without enough supplies to survive for days on end. Must be the Boy Scout in me. Or growing up in the woods being raised by wolves.

This is the end of the trail looking back toward the Cape. It was a fantastic day. Mr. Man was a trooper. He walked almost the whole the way. I carried him on my shoulders for about a mile after he had a hard fall. Then getting a little goofy I drug him for about a half a mile. (all in good fun). We decided that for the rest of this fall and winter we are going to close the gallery for at least one day per week to spend some time together. We don't get nearly enough family time.

We are working on revamping the gallery. I'm hoping that we can keep it open but still leave Oregon. Or at least be able to spend a lot more time some place else.