15 October 2007

Life With A Three Year Old...

We started a Halloween countdown calender for Mr. Man. Everyday we put a new magnet on the board to countdown the days until our costume party.

Today Mr. Man comes running into my studio...

Mr. Man: Daddy, Daddy, Daddy! We need a magnet on our board.

Me: Ok, let's do it.

Mr. Man: NO NO. I can do it

Me: Alright, you can do it. It's Monday today.

Mr. Man: Right, Monday. Ok, great, gotcha, Monday.....Monday...............Monnnndaaaaaay......

Mr. Man: Hey Dad?

Me: Yes Mr.?

Mr. Man: What's Monday?


eclectic said...

Ha!! Tell him I don't really know, but it keeps coming around and ruining my weekends... so if he could grow up and figure out how to stop Monday, I'd be grateful. :)

delmer said...

Very cute. It reminds me of when my kids were smaller (and their demands more reasonable).


TrixieTaxi said...

Hi there - thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog.

Hope you don't mind if I stick around yours for awhile... I love kids, especially when they belong to someone else.