31 August 2008

Mobile This...

How many of you own Mac's? Do you use MobileMe? Is it working the way you thought it should?

Maybe it's me. When I'm told that all of my info will be synced between my macbook and mobileme, I expect that all of my info and the changes I make will actually be on both my macbook and mobileme. Is that too much to ask?

As it is only certain things are synced. Apple also sees a difference between syncing and data transfer. I don't see it.

If only certain folders or files are synced, it doesn't really do me much good.

I just spent three hours on chat with four different Apple techs and in the end I get: "not all of the functions are being fully realized at this time, we're sorry for any inconvenience.

WTF Chuck?

I love Apple, but they are pissing me off. Why do I keep coming up with things that the Apple techs have never heard of or seen before. Why do they have so much trouble with what should be the simplest of things? Am I off my hinges? Well yes but that's beside the point.

28 August 2008

New Work From A New Studio...

So, I have most of my things in the new studio. It's much smaller than the old, without the view, but I like just the same. It needs a fresh coat of paint. Something other than "Suburb White".

These are the first five works from down south.

"Oceanside No 4" 16 x 20 inches

"Oceanside No 3" 16 x 20 inches

"Oceanside No 2" 16 x 20 inches

"Oceanside No 1" 16 x 20

"Mt. Hood" 16 x 20 inches

I know, the photos are crap-ola and it really doesn't look like Mt Hood. That was the first Mountain that came to my mind. Trying a couple new techniques. Shaking things up. Trying to find my space and muse.

This week I am actually back in Oregon.

I came back thinking that I would try to see it with fresh eyes and an open mind. Maybe I was being too hard on this little town.

Nope. I stand by my original assessment. I don't get it. I don't understand what the draw is here. I don't understand the people that come here or the people that live here. I've been trying to tell myself that it's not that different than any where else, but to me, it is that different.

The Northwest, specifically this part of it, has a whole different set of values, beliefs and attitudes that I don't understand. It feels like a foreign country to me.

Having grown up in a small town, I am a little sad that I could not adjust back. I really thought I would, or at least could. I can't, or wont. Probably a little of both.

There is much of this town and area that I will miss. Not enough to want to stay. Maybe enough to come back and visit someday.

One more trip will have to be made to close it up at the end of September. Another month of limbo. I still have a pinch of hope left for something to happen. Like business, but it's fading with each passing sunset.

19 August 2008

Sweet Home California...

It always amazes me how fast two weeks can go. The days slip away. How easy it is to just disappear. I'd forgotten. I made good time from north to south. Not my best but still under 24 hours. It seemed to be prettier this time. The roads were better. Traffic lighter. Lights greener.

Except for here of course. The worst stretch of road I have ever been on, any where. 7 MPH. 24/7/365.

Most of the drive looked like this.

I arrived home at about 9pm. Precious was at work. Mr. Man home with a friend of ours. The look on Mr. Man's face when I walked through his door, was all pleasure. I had gone almost two months with out seeing him. Way too long. By about two and half months.

The look on Precious' face was more of relief. Being a single parent is very difficult. I'm sure I would not have done so well.

For the first few days I was lost in them. How could I have stayed away for so long? Never again.

I timed it for her days off. We had the first two days all together. It's already a blur in my mind.
Maybe it's just my mind that's blurry.

Thoughts of the world or the hell in Oregon that is my current reality, were pushed far away. Out of sight out of mind. Sadly, I know from experience, that hiding only compounds the problems.

I still have a business to deal with. Bills to pay. Tempers to sooth. I've said it before and I'm going to say it again until you...um...I, remember. Never do business with family or friends. It will not end well.

This, for the most part is what I was hiding from. Maybe if I ignore it, it will go away. A nice thought, but never going to work. It's come down to damage control. I'm not going to make it out cleanly. Where do I draw the line? The art world is always the same BS. No matter where you put it or who's involved. After all this time, I still don't get it. Do I really want to continue to do this?

Everyday that I've been home, Mr. Man has told me that he is happy that I'm home. That he missed me. That he never wants me to leave him again. He barely lets me out of his sight. I've managed to traumatize the poor child and he's only four.

I do have to go back to Oregon for about a week. Several times he and I have talked about me going back. Not for as long as the first time, but I still have to. He says he understands, and in the same breath will say he never wants to be with out me.

At one point I actually thought of bringing him back with me, but it wouldn't be a good time for any one. I have too much work to get done and a very short amount of time to do it.

When I close my eyes, things can be so simple. They should be. They can be. They seldom are.

07 August 2008

Near An End...

Be it journey or wits', I'm not entirely sure.

Nothing ever seems to go as planned. At least the way I plan them. Hey, maybe it's me. I guess I need to work on my plans.

Things are a mess. None of us are happy. Now our dog is sick and in the Hospital. It didn't sound good. I need to be there for them.

For the past two days I have been running around like a mad man trying to get everything done. At least everything that needs to be done this month. We may or may not be closing the Oregon Gallery at the end of August now. It's up in the air. Never have partners.

I, however will be headed for SD in the next day or two. Precious and Mr. Man need me much more than this silly gallery. I have found someone that I can leave for a few weeks at a time, so I'm going to. Leave him that is.

Precious hasn't been able to read my site since she moved south, so I get to write about it and still surprise her. When she comes home from work on Sunday night, I should be there waiting for her. It's bee too long. I haven't seen Mr. Man in almost two months.

There will have to be several more trips back to Oregon to handle details and get some more things done, but I would rather be coming back to Oregon to do things than the other way around. So I'm out-a-here.

At least, that's my plan. Cali or Bust.