31 August 2008

Mobile This...

How many of you own Mac's? Do you use MobileMe? Is it working the way you thought it should?

Maybe it's me. When I'm told that all of my info will be synced between my macbook and mobileme, I expect that all of my info and the changes I make will actually be on both my macbook and mobileme. Is that too much to ask?

As it is only certain things are synced. Apple also sees a difference between syncing and data transfer. I don't see it.

If only certain folders or files are synced, it doesn't really do me much good.

I just spent three hours on chat with four different Apple techs and in the end I get: "not all of the functions are being fully realized at this time, we're sorry for any inconvenience.

WTF Chuck?

I love Apple, but they are pissing me off. Why do I keep coming up with things that the Apple techs have never heard of or seen before. Why do they have so much trouble with what should be the simplest of things? Am I off my hinges? Well yes but that's beside the point.


Christine said...

Yeah. If the functions aren't being fully realized at this time, WHY DID YOU TELL ME THEY WERE A REASON TO BUY THE SOFTWARE?

Penelope said...

I don't own a Mac and didn't understand much of what you wrote so I'm just using it as an excuse to say Hello ;o)