09 November 2010

Daylight Time Travel Savings...

Precious: Mr. Man, remind me that we need to turn your clock back one hour before bed time.

Mr. Man: Why?

P: It's called Daylight Savings Time. We turn the clocks back one hour in the fall.

M:What do we do with the extra hour? Do we get to remember it?

P: ?

M: Do we get to remember the hour and do things again or do we have to do things the same way?

P: We don't get to go back in time, we just change the clocks.

M: Well what good is that?

01 November 2010

The Force Is Strong In This One..

I had a costume just like this one. Only larger. Precious made a beautiful Slave Leia.

A little known fact: All the good Jedi, wore Sneakers.

The photos are still coming in. Scandalous.