24 June 2010

So Far...

One of the greatest obstacles I face as an artist, is knowing when to quit. Actually, it's not just with my art. I have the same issue with everyday life. I never quite know when to stop.

I do know that trying to over analyze things only makes them worse. My instincts are fairly good and following my heart has taken me on an unforgettable journey. I regret none of it.

So why change things when a few minor adjustments would do the trick? Simple is almost always better.

What to do with paintings that just don't sell? Often I paint over them and create something new. This time I decided to be a little less dramatic and a bit more cosmetic. Maybe they could just be re-worked.

I picked out six works that have been collecting dust and gave them a little something extra.

Here are two of them at the, "so far" stage. So far, so good.





This is just fun with scotch tape. The first four strips are on my face. I eventually had eleven. Sorry, no photo of that. Mr. Man was beginning to freak out and ran to hide.

Always remember and never forget: Love only works if you give it away. So spread the love.

21 June 2010

There's A Little Green Man In My Head...

It recently occurred to me that we may never know if things are fixed. Maybe somethings can't really be fixed. They get stuck back together and you just hope for the best. Once broken things are weaker and more vulnerable. When can I relax? Ever? Or do I always need to be proving myself. I mean, more than I try to do normally.

A few months ago, she gave her wedding ring back. Said, "You should put this some place safe. It doesn't feel right to wear it."

So what do I do with it? Keep it? Until when? Am I supposed to give it, or offer it back at some point? Am I to replace it with a new one? Maybe she is supposed to ask for it back. How long should I wait? Should I give it back or say no? Should I stop wearing my ring? Mine still feels right. Should it not? I'm confused.

I'm also alone for the next seven days which isn't helping. Precious and Mr. Man are on their way to the middle of Nowhere Nebraska. They left on Father's Day. I never thought to ask if she intended to come back. Could be why I haven't heard from them. Or it's more likely that there is no service provider for her phone in Nowhere, and she hasn't thought about asking to use some one else's.

Our house is so amazingly quiet without them. I don't like it at all. The dog and cat keep looking at me, all accusatory, like it's my fault they aren't here. None of us can sleep. I hate sleeping alone. Too much bed, not enough naked skin.

Being back in La Jolla has been like stepping back in time, only in an alternate universe. So much is frighteningly the same. Some things have changed completely. I feel like someone has altered our reality and I'm the only one that's noticed. Where's The Doctor when I need him?

15 June 2010


Three things:

1) "News" and "Kardashian" should never be used in the same sentence together.
2) How can anyone really be that stupid?
3)These are the people that we choose to worship and bestow with fame and fortune.

Khloe Kardashian Takes a Pregnancy Test
USMagazine, June 14, 2010
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Khloe Kardashian says those recent pregnancy rumors really messed with her head.

"I'm so nuts that I went out and got a pregnancy test!" she said Monday on nationally syndicated radio show, The Bert Show. "I was like, What if they know something that I don't? That's how confused I got. I was like, I don't wanna lie, so let me figure this out."

When her husband Lamar Odom - with whom she celebrates her one-year anniversary in September - came home and saw the test, he was just as baffled.

"He was like, What's going on?" she recalled. "He was like, You let [the rumors] confuse you?"

"I was like, Yes, I'm sorry!" said Kardashian, 25.

She said she has "no idea" how the rumors started.

"I'm not pregnant," she insisted. "I don't know where people come up with these reports! Who confirmed that I am two months pregnant? Someone else says I have a baby name. I'm like, who are you guys talking to?"

03 June 2010


Pelican Point Sunset

An almost perfect crustless quiche. Mushrooms, Ham, 3 Cheeses, Asparagus.

Dark Breakers