17 October 2011

More Crack...

 detail image

 18 x 46 inches

 detail image

 12 x 16 inches

 18 x 24 inches

 8 x 10 inches


with tinting
This is the most frightening point of this process. Having to cover the entire painting. It always kind of freaks me out. 
This is the color that stays in the cracks when I wash it off the canvas

Shar - after crack

Shar - on crack

09 October 2011


I absolutely LOVE cracking my paintings. It's like the cracks provide a harmony that wasn't there before. Or maybe it's just me that's cracked...


This is the first seascape that we've cracked. I like it very much. I think it's the unpredictability that intrigues me the most. 

I've been working on Bubbles here, for almost 5 years now. I think I may have finished this time.

I had the bucket of gesso open and was about to paint over this lady. I'm pleased that I didn't. I really like the large blemish over the brick area. Unpredictable. It's a whole new work.

Not so sure I care for this. I really liked the painting the way it was. Here is where that unpredictability is a real drag. The cracks are way too big for the size of this work. It's bugging me. Sometimes that eagerness to keeping tweaking is a mistake. Sometimes you just need to leave things alone.
So now, do I leave it at this point and be unhappy with it? Or do I try to tweak it a bit more and get something better? Can I live with myself if I ruin it for good?