03 May 2010

Something New...

I started this painting tonight. There is something about this one I really like so far. I know that this photo is absolute crap. It's almost midnight and it's too dark in my studio to get a good shot. It might help if I didn't paint by M&M Christmas lights.

She's 12 x 16, and still a work in progress. Close but not quite. Maybe tomorrow I can get a decent photo before I paint more. Although I will most likely go back to the studio as soon as I hit the publish button.

I learned this afternoon, that the people at Dick Blick Art Store do not know everything about painting and techniques. I went to find Aging varnish. I need it to go under the cracking varnish. Well, the store didn't carry the aging varnish and told me that any varnish should work under the cracking varnish. They were wrong. The cracking varnish does not work with any varnish under it.

The Blick people are usually so good.