29 March 2011

Changing Education...Please Help!

How many of you are currently students? How many of you are parents of students? How many schools in this country have budget problems? Public or private?

What would an extra few hundred dollars, to an extra ten thousand dollars a month(possibly much more) do for your school? Every month!

I have an idea that could potentially change the way schools are funded. In my plan it may be possible for schools to become completely self sufficient. Schools would never have to worry about funding or budgets again. Or at least not very often.

I'm a little surprised that I have never heard of such a thing before. Maybe it's been tried. I don't know, but I want to. If has been tried, what went wrong?

But I need help. I need to hear from educators, administrators, teachers, students, parents...
Anyone with an idea (a sane idea) about educational funding would be of help.

It's not a secret, but I need to work out the details and create a plan, but eventually I will describe it in detail, here, for all to see and contribute to. I'm not trying to benefit myself. I really want to change the education system of this country. It needs help. I speak as a college graduate as well as the parent of a first grader. We have a lot of school left and I for one am thoroughly  disappointed with the quality I've seen so far. The more involved I get, the scarier it all becomes.

One of the features of my plan, is that it will work all over the world. For any school. Anywhere.

The cost of implementing the plan? Nothing. That's right. Cost free to the school. No need for for an employee(s) because once in place my plan can care for it self as well as distribute the money where ever it's programmed to go, automatically. A public access website would track the incoming money so everyone who wants could see exactly how much was coming in. Thus making the tracking of incoming money much easier and more accountable. It would go directly to the school and not the district or board member etc..

There is no need for the schools to hire anyone extra. The plan could be set up and maintained when needed by a facilitator of the plan. At no cost. Promotions, information, Public Relations, what ever was needed could be taken care of by the facilitators. At no cost to the school.

OK, that's too much already. It's going to be HUGE! Help me please. Help me change the world.

14 March 2011

Bad Habits...Recognize...Eliminate...Move On...

There are times when I look back on behavior, attitude, direction, focus, discipline... And I wonder to myself, "Self, WTF are you doing?" You are lying in the road being trampled by the world as it goes past, staring and pointing. Telling their offspring to look and remember, don't every be like that guy. Snicker snicker.

Sometimes we (I) fall of the Man Wagon. Sometimes we(I) need a good kick in the pants. As we(I) all do. It's the bad habits that bring us(Me) down. No matter what we're doing, no matter how well things are, bad habits are going to screw things up eventually. OK fine. Just learn from the experience. Some of us can learn our lesson the first time around. Others, (me) need to be taught a lesson a couple times. Or a few times. But eventually, we(I) get it and move on. Moving On!