14 March 2011

Bad Habits...Recognize...Eliminate...Move On...

There are times when I look back on behavior, attitude, direction, focus, discipline... And I wonder to myself, "Self, WTF are you doing?" You are lying in the road being trampled by the world as it goes past, staring and pointing. Telling their offspring to look and remember, don't every be like that guy. Snicker snicker.

Sometimes we (I) fall of the Man Wagon. Sometimes we(I) need a good kick in the pants. As we(I) all do. It's the bad habits that bring us(Me) down. No matter what we're doing, no matter how well things are, bad habits are going to screw things up eventually. OK fine. Just learn from the experience. Some of us can learn our lesson the first time around. Others, (me) need to be taught a lesson a couple times. Or a few times. But eventually, we(I) get it and move on. Moving On!

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