29 October 2006


It is such a fun time of year.

Mr. Man is going to be a Bumble Bee this year. Photos will follow. Precious is going to be a Witch. I believe I will be a Bee Keeper. Maybe...

28 October 2006

More Variation...

Last night I was up until almost 2:30 am painting. This "Quick Draw" thing has got me very nervous. Having never done anything like this before, I am terrified I am going to choke under the pressure.

When I played baseball, I had no problem playing in front of thousands of people. I never gave it a second thought.

Having to paint in front a few hundred people has be scared to death. I keep telling myself that this is a character builder. If I can get through this it will be one more fear that I have overcome. Well, myself isn't listening. Character schmaricter!

Back to the point. I tried this design again. I like the layout. This one is 18 x 24 inches. It took about 70 minutes. I added a bit of table and the leaves. The leaves slowed me down. They will not be in the final painting.

I was not as pleased with the reflection in the glass either but my sight was a bit blurry at 2am.


This one was just for more practice. Working on the reflections. It is 14 x 18 inches. This will either be a very inexpensive gallery piece or get painted over. I paint over a lot of my works. Anything I am not totally happy with gets several coats of gesso and a fresh start. It adds to the soul of the canvas.

27 October 2006


This is another version of the same set-up as a couple of days ago. I like this composition so I painted it several times in a few different sizes.

This one is 8 x 24 inches. I got distracted while working and it took me about 65 minutes. I am confident I can get these done in under 60 minutes now.

So now it is down to finding the right composition for the event. The size is going to be 10 x 30 inches, gallery wrapped canvas with a black edge. It's about an inch and a half thick. That's what this one was, you just can't see the edge. Or 12 x 24 inches with a small liner and frame.

I like the idea of not framing it.

I have many more to paint before I'm ready. I think I want a wine bottle in the work too. I should be able to do three or four more tonight. I hope.

26 October 2006

One of the finalists...

This is one of the design finalists for my wine themed painting. I have 7 days until the Quick Draw. This one is 16 x 32 inches. It took 62 minutes. I could have finished it sooner had I rushed it a bit.

I am looking forward to putting a lot more time into some of these paintings. Next week.

23 October 2006

Speed Painting...Still...

Alright, I know I said that we had decided to go with one of the wine theme works for the "Quick Draw". But I like to paint women.

Yes the wine work would have more of a general appeal, but is this about what I can sell or what brings me pleasure. It's not like I am making my living off of my paintings at this point. The people who collect my work (and yes there are a few) have come to accept my variations of styles.

Sure the women take longer and they don't fit in as well as a bottle of wine in most homes. I torn...

Here are two works I just painted. The blond is 33 x 41 inches. She took about 75 minutes. Too long.

The red head is 14 x 18 inches and took about 135 minutes. Way too long.

You're right, you're right, I know you're right.
Wine theme for the Quick Draw, women for me and the gallery.

It is about what would sell for the most money at the auction.
It is charity after all.

Back to the studio...Feel free to help me with giving names to my girls. I need titles.

22 October 2006

What's New in Art...

"The Joyous Leaping of Uncanned Salmon" by Dr Seuss.

One of my personal favorites.

This is from the Secret Art of Dr Seuss. A collection put together by his widow, Audrey Geisel. She will not sell any of the original works. They are all going to The University of San Diego in La Jolla California when she passes. She allows two or three of the works to be reproduced as limited editions every year. Ted Geisel painted for almost 70 years. He did not share these personal works with anyone other than the family and a few close friends. Hence, "Secret Art".

"The Watcher" by Frank Gonzales.
A young man from New York who is just getting started. I have known Frank for years and sell a lot of his works in my gallery. He also paints abstract, organic landscapes and very edgy, urban portraits.

19 October 2006

Christmas in October?

For the last week, Precious and I have been driving up and down the coast trying to find a Halloween costume for Mr. Man.

We both love Halloween. Growing up in small towns in the mid west and northwest, Halloween was a great time to be a kid. I will remember trick or treating and parties for the rest of my life.

It wasn't about Devil worship. (and for those of you who get all bent about Halloween being about all things evil, you can suck it. I am more worried about you freaks than kids who just want to trick or treat and have fum with their friends while getting free candy.)

Anywho, for the last week we have gone everywhere within 50 miles to find a costume.

What have we been finding?


Don't get me wrong, I like Christmas. But WTF! IT'S THE MIDDLE OF OCTOBER!

Do these greedy bastards(aka retailers) not remember Thanksgiving?

Two and a half weeks until Halloween and everything is friggin Christmas already.

Sure we could put him in the same totally cute Cow outfit he had last year. He's not old enough to care or remember. But I am.

Slow down people. There is always plenty of time for all of the materialism, over shopping and lack of good will toward man, that goes on for the holidays. It's not like Christmas comes as a surprise.

Just for those of you who don't realize this, Christmas comes every year at the same time. Instead of ruining Halloween and Thanksgiving in the name of maximizing the amount of crap sold as cheesy gifts. How about we try to think ahead. We have a whole year to shop. Halloween costumes on the other hand are only around for a very short time. And getting shorter every year!


17 October 2006

More Study...

Here are a few more of the speed painting studies for the "Quick Draw". This has been a great exercise. I do not usually work this fast. It makes me let go a little bit more. Not so much thought, more instinct. It's kind of fun but I wont be making it a habit.

This one is 24 x 32. It took about 50 minutes.

This one is 8 x 27. 40 minutes.

This one is 23 x 32. 47 minutes.

This one took me too long. 78 minutes. I got carried away with the label. Too much detail. I had the bottle done in about 40 minutes.

I changed one of the photos in the last post. The last one with the bottle and flute glass. I added the label design.

Sometimes I just can't let things go.

16 October 2006

Speed Painting...

So here are the first few photos of the studies for the "Quick Draw".
They are not the best of photos and one of them looks like it is tipping over. But, anywho, this is the general idea.
These are 5 x 7 and 8 x 10 inches. Each one took about 15 to 45 minutes. Not as tight as I would prefer but, I have to make sure it is done in under 60 minutes. Speed matters.

For the event I am going to go with a 10 x 30 inch canvas with a gallery wrap so it wont need a frame unless they want one. Painted in oil.
I have six other paintings but the photos came out blurred. I hate it when I rush myself. I know better.
Two weeks left until the event. Many more studies to be painted.

13 October 2006

Ready For The Quick Draw...Almost

The painting has been decided upon. Now it is just a matter of painting it about another 50 times or so to make sure I can get it done in under an hour and that it will look professional.
We are going with a wine theme. I will be painting a couple of wine bottles and a glass of red wine. As of this morning I have about a dozen of the studies hanging around the house.
Photos to follow as soon as I get them photographed.

Here is the biography for the program. I hope they have a sence of humor.

The Life and Art of William:
Give or take.

William was born at a very early age. His artistic talents were highlighted when his parents sold him to a traveling band of gypsy painters. They taught him the ways of art, science and ‘three card monty’. When not locked in the trunk of a 56 ford, he painted and worked on a cure for dullness.

He was recruited by Interpol to track down and destroy collectors of “Motel motif”, and anyone who looks for art to match their sofa, as they are a threat to the world, as we know it.

Upon leaving the International Art Police at the age of 13 he was placed in the witness protection program and has been moving around the world every 6 to 12 months. Although a cure for Dullness is still a main goal, in his spare time he teaches ducks how to speak Jivenese.

Depending on the success of the “Quick draw” he will most likely have to be relocated again to protect his family from the hoard of fans that will want his paintings.

A little known fact is that the true talent behind William’s work is his 2-year-old son, Aka, Mr. Man, (a 32 year old midget) who secretly does all of the work from their secret under-ground lair somewhere in the hills of France.

The collection of Paintings and Photography can be see at William Rose Fine Art, and on-line at, www.williamrosefineart.com and or, www.madwilliam.com.

10 October 2006

The Farewell Tour...

I am sad today. But also excited for someone else.
To every end there is a new beginning.
I read yesterday that after TequilaCon 07, Brandon is retiring.

One Child Left Behind
was one of the first blogs I started reading over a year ago. He was also one of the reasons I wanted to start this site. He gives something special to the world that wasn't there before.

With millions of blogs on line I have come across only a handful that I believe to be worthy of bandwidth. Most are lame excuses to swear and tease others or make fun of things they don't understand. Haters. No one needs more of that.

There are so few people in the world who give of themselves and add to the fabric of life. I am not always sure what Brandon is talking about and it doesn't matter. He is poetic, insightful, romantic, humorous...(I might have a man crush) He adds beauty to the world.

The selfishness in me is holding out that like others before him: The Rolling Stones, Michael Jordan, Brett Farve, that he will decide that he loves what he is doing too much to leave.

The rest of me will enjoy the time and words he gives, and look forward to meeting him in March at TequilaCon 07. Where ever your road takes you, enjoy the trip.

And, Thank you!

-Markus Pierson

08 October 2006

I Believe...

I believe...

I am worth the time it takes to create whatever I feel called to create.

My work is worthy of its own space, and that space is worthy of the name sacred.

When I enter this space I have the right to work in silence, uninterrupted, for as long as I choose.

When I open myself to the gifts of the muse I open myself to the source of all creation and become one with the mother of life itself.

The time I spend creating my art is as precious as the time I give to others.

What truly matters in the making of art is not what the final piece looks like or sounds likes. Not what it is worth or not worth. But what newness is added to the universe in the process.

The muse gives to me, so does she deserve from me: Faith, mindfulness and enduring commitment.

07 October 2006

New Header

I needed something French. Thoughts?

We'll Be Back....Ya Right!


04 October 2006

A Day To Play...

Today Precious and I decided to close the gallery for the day and go play. Traffic at the beach has slowed in the last few weeks and we needed some family time.

While in So Cal we were members of the Zoo and Wild Animal Park. We tried to take Mr. Man at least once a week. If we were going to have a family day we decided the Zoo in Portland would be fun.

The drive from the coast to Portland is only 75 miles but today it took us almost 3 hours thanks to an unbelievable amount of road crews acting like they were doing something to the roads. At one point, more than 5 miles of Highway 26 was closed for about a half an hour. When they let us drive through, there was nothing. NOTHING! Not even a stinking traffic cone. But I digress.

These are a few of the 104 photos I took today. Most of which were of Mr. Man.

The animals were very active today. Those that were out that is. I must have become spoiled with the Wild Animal Park. The Portland Zoo was tiny. On the up side there was no one there. I was amazed it was even open. Mr Man had a great time which means we all had a great time.

From there we went to see some mansion (can't remember the name) but got there late and they had closed for the day. Maybe next time. The grounds were fabulous. Found a great place for lunch. The Elephant Deli. I so miss civilization.

I am apparently the only one who was not wiped out today. They are fast asleep. So I am off to the studio to practice for the stupid "Quick Draw" in 3 weeks. I have it narrowed down to 5 different designs. After I paint them each about a hundred more times I might be ready.

02 October 2006

Don't pull that...

It was just a tiny little thread. One could hardly notice it.
Sure my mother always told me,"Don't pull that! It will make a big hole and then it's too late."

But if I pull it and break it off, it wont get caught on something and rip a hole. And besides, how can one tiny thread make a big hole?

It's just one tiny thread.

I noticed it a couple of weeks ago. Just hanging there. No big deal. I only saw it by accident. I got distracted and forgot. A couple days latter I saw it again. I messed with it for awhile and thought about what my mother told me.

"Don't Pull it..."

I pulled it. Just a little to see if I could get enough of a grip to break it off.

I could not.

After a few day it was like a giant neon sign.


Leave it, I told myself. You are only going to make it worse.

I knew if I could get a grip on it I could break it off and be done with it. So...

I pulled just a little more.

Yesterday, Precious came home and only had to see me for a second.

"What have you been doing?" She asked, as if she already knew the answer. And she did.

Wishing I wasn't so stubborn. I replied. And stop laughing at me! It's not that funny
I mean it.

Besides, it's not that big of a hole.


This was all metaphorical. No clothing was harmed in the making of this story. However several paintings, two checking accounts, a term paper and many many photos will need some serious re-working.