19 October 2006

Christmas in October?

For the last week, Precious and I have been driving up and down the coast trying to find a Halloween costume for Mr. Man.

We both love Halloween. Growing up in small towns in the mid west and northwest, Halloween was a great time to be a kid. I will remember trick or treating and parties for the rest of my life.

It wasn't about Devil worship. (and for those of you who get all bent about Halloween being about all things evil, you can suck it. I am more worried about you freaks than kids who just want to trick or treat and have fum with their friends while getting free candy.)

Anywho, for the last week we have gone everywhere within 50 miles to find a costume.

What have we been finding?


Don't get me wrong, I like Christmas. But WTF! IT'S THE MIDDLE OF OCTOBER!

Do these greedy bastards(aka retailers) not remember Thanksgiving?

Two and a half weeks until Halloween and everything is friggin Christmas already.

Sure we could put him in the same totally cute Cow outfit he had last year. He's not old enough to care or remember. But I am.

Slow down people. There is always plenty of time for all of the materialism, over shopping and lack of good will toward man, that goes on for the holidays. It's not like Christmas comes as a surprise.

Just for those of you who don't realize this, Christmas comes every year at the same time. Instead of ruining Halloween and Thanksgiving in the name of maximizing the amount of crap sold as cheesy gifts. How about we try to think ahead. We have a whole year to shop. Halloween costumes on the other hand are only around for a very short time. And getting shorter every year!



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Heather Anne said...

Yeah! Give me Halloween back too! (And OMG! that cow costume is the cutest thing I have ever seen.)