04 October 2006

A Day To Play...

Today Precious and I decided to close the gallery for the day and go play. Traffic at the beach has slowed in the last few weeks and we needed some family time.

While in So Cal we were members of the Zoo and Wild Animal Park. We tried to take Mr. Man at least once a week. If we were going to have a family day we decided the Zoo in Portland would be fun.

The drive from the coast to Portland is only 75 miles but today it took us almost 3 hours thanks to an unbelievable amount of road crews acting like they were doing something to the roads. At one point, more than 5 miles of Highway 26 was closed for about a half an hour. When they let us drive through, there was nothing. NOTHING! Not even a stinking traffic cone. But I digress.

These are a few of the 104 photos I took today. Most of which were of Mr. Man.

The animals were very active today. Those that were out that is. I must have become spoiled with the Wild Animal Park. The Portland Zoo was tiny. On the up side there was no one there. I was amazed it was even open. Mr Man had a great time which means we all had a great time.

From there we went to see some mansion (can't remember the name) but got there late and they had closed for the day. Maybe next time. The grounds were fabulous. Found a great place for lunch. The Elephant Deli. I so miss civilization.

I am apparently the only one who was not wiped out today. They are fast asleep. So I am off to the studio to practice for the stupid "Quick Draw" in 3 weeks. I have it narrowed down to 5 different designs. After I paint them each about a hundred more times I might be ready.

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