28 October 2006

More Variation...

Last night I was up until almost 2:30 am painting. This "Quick Draw" thing has got me very nervous. Having never done anything like this before, I am terrified I am going to choke under the pressure.

When I played baseball, I had no problem playing in front of thousands of people. I never gave it a second thought.

Having to paint in front a few hundred people has be scared to death. I keep telling myself that this is a character builder. If I can get through this it will be one more fear that I have overcome. Well, myself isn't listening. Character schmaricter!

Back to the point. I tried this design again. I like the layout. This one is 18 x 24 inches. It took about 70 minutes. I added a bit of table and the leaves. The leaves slowed me down. They will not be in the final painting.

I was not as pleased with the reflection in the glass either but my sight was a bit blurry at 2am.


This one was just for more practice. Working on the reflections. It is 14 x 18 inches. This will either be a very inexpensive gallery piece or get painted over. I paint over a lot of my works. Anything I am not totally happy with gets several coats of gesso and a fresh start. It adds to the soul of the canvas.


Dave2 said...

Ah, if only those of us who paint with watercolor had such a luxury! :-)

Heather said...

Soul of the canvas... I like that. :)