13 October 2006

Ready For The Quick Draw...Almost

The painting has been decided upon. Now it is just a matter of painting it about another 50 times or so to make sure I can get it done in under an hour and that it will look professional.
We are going with a wine theme. I will be painting a couple of wine bottles and a glass of red wine. As of this morning I have about a dozen of the studies hanging around the house.
Photos to follow as soon as I get them photographed.

Here is the biography for the program. I hope they have a sence of humor.

The Life and Art of William:
Give or take.

William was born at a very early age. His artistic talents were highlighted when his parents sold him to a traveling band of gypsy painters. They taught him the ways of art, science and ‘three card monty’. When not locked in the trunk of a 56 ford, he painted and worked on a cure for dullness.

He was recruited by Interpol to track down and destroy collectors of “Motel motif”, and anyone who looks for art to match their sofa, as they are a threat to the world, as we know it.

Upon leaving the International Art Police at the age of 13 he was placed in the witness protection program and has been moving around the world every 6 to 12 months. Although a cure for Dullness is still a main goal, in his spare time he teaches ducks how to speak Jivenese.

Depending on the success of the “Quick draw” he will most likely have to be relocated again to protect his family from the hoard of fans that will want his paintings.

A little known fact is that the true talent behind William’s work is his 2-year-old son, Aka, Mr. Man, (a 32 year old midget) who secretly does all of the work from their secret under-ground lair somewhere in the hills of France.

The collection of Paintings and Photography can be see at William Rose Fine Art, and on-line at, www.williamrosefineart.com and or, www.madwilliam.com.


femme d'espoir said...

Love the bio. have fun!


Heather said...

That's an awesome bio. You ol' gypsy you!

Mad William said...

Thanks Femme and Heather.

events can be fun when no one knows who you are. I wont be doing this again next year.

Thanks for stopping by.