16 December 2012

A week in Review...

Mondays are the best! 
It's my off. Mostly mine. 7am up and getting Mr. Man ready for school, it starts at 8.
Then it's mostly mine. Except for chores. Yard, laundry, house work, wash and vacuum the car, play with the pets, dinner plans, shopping, email marketing for art/insurance/networking, a nap if can fit it in...

Schools out at 3. Home for reading, pages of home work, writing, (which usually takes most of the evening. The child has my families dawdle gene.) Start dinner, wine, Jeopardy(it's the only TV during the week) Finish home work or goof around until bed at 9. I get to stay up later cuz I'm the Dad. A little of the TV I miss by not letting Mr. Man watch it. In bed by 11 to 1am-ish.

Tuesdays start the same. Up at 7, school by 8. Then I go to J.O.B no. 1. There by nine. work till 2. I get the afternoon off.  School by 3 and pretty much the same evening as Monday.

Wednesdays and Thursdays start the same, Up at 7, school by 8, job no. by 9 - at 2, I head to J.O.B. no 2, start at 2:30 or as soon as I get there. Done by 11-11:30, home by 12- 12:30, bed by 1-1:30 ish.
Mr. Man was picked up by one of two sitters, hopefully doing his home work while there, then picked up by his Mom for their evening of home work, dinner, Jeopardy, etc.

Tired Yet?

Fridays and Saturdays are the same except that I get done with job no. 2 and hour or two later. So I'm done by 12 - 1am ish, home by 1 - 1:30 ish, bed by 2.

Sundays I get to sleep in a bit. Mr. Man is usually up watching Disney TV or cartoons. I have the morning off so we try to do something fun. Breakfast, beach, bike rides, football...to job no. 2 by 2:00, done by 11 - 12ish home by 12 - 1ish, bed by 2 and it's my day off again!

I love Mondays!