30 September 2008


This week I was witness to what may have been the nicest day and night of the last 30 months. Warm with a soft cooling breeze. No clouds or crowds. Breath taking sunset. More stars than I knew existed. The glow of the Milky Way spilled across the sky. Fabu!

Even with all of the bitching and complaining I've done, I'm going to miss this place. It's beautiful and there are some truly wonderful people here. Definitely a memorable adventure.

Looking back, I will remember all of it, and them, most fondly.

27 September 2008

2008 Summer In Hell...

...is finally drawing to an end.

That's right. I'm sitting in an airport right now. Since 6:45 am.

With this trip I will have logged almost 10,000 miles, between driving and flying, just in the last four months. If only some of it had been for fun. Looking over what's gone on so far, I can say that none of it has been fun at all. Ok maybe a day or two was a good time, but I digress.

With this trip, our gallery will close it's doors for good. As much as I hated the way things went and turned out, I'm still going to miss it. I loved our gallery.

I have little doubt that some day we, or I, will open another one. It just wont be the same. I'm hoping better.

This week will be very hectic. An other loading of trucks, driving across country, stopping in four different cities to unload things here and there, then finally home. For good this time.

It was so hard to leave this morning. Precious and Mr. Man still in bed as I left the house at "O Dark Hundred". That's friggin early to those of you that don't know militant time.

As I kissed them each on the head and told them they are loved, they each gave a, not quite awake moan of acknowledgment. Mr. Man woke just enough to ask me not to go, then cried a bit and asked for his blanky. It made me wish I had a blanky. The comfort would be nice right now.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's so close. Or maybe that's an oncoming train about to crush me. With my luck, I won't place bets.

Focus, I need to focus.

26 September 2008

Six Foot Sal...

This was the first few hours. Under painting. She' 24 x 36 inches, oil on canvas. 2am yesterday.


Is there really any one out there that thought Clay Aiken wasn't gay?

Not that there is any thing wrong with being gay. Just seems like kind of a mute point.

Beside.....WHO GIVES A SHIT!

22 September 2008

A Four Year Old Confession...

Dad, do you remember the PEZ in mine bedroom?


Did you tell me I not to eat mine PEZ?


Oh......Um.....Would you be mad if I forgot and mine PEZ accidental got eated?

Why do you ask?

Um.....I was watchin Incredibles and mine tummy told me it wanted PEZ.....and I forgot and ate em. Are you mad?

Did you save any for me?

Um.....Well mine tummy didn't tell me to save you any.

Now you're in trouble.

Mine tummy don't think so. So that's ok.

18 September 2008

Blog Pole...

What should we name our new gallery?

So far we have come up with hundreds of ideas and we don't really like any of them.
Naming it after the street address was one of our favorite ideas. That makes it impossible to get the web site up and running until we have an actual space. We want the web site up first, so no naming it after the address.

We thought about using our names but scratched that.

So what do you all think? No suggestion unwelcome. If we decide to use your idea, you get your choice of paintings from my collection. That's right, your choice of any of my works.

Let's here it...

15 September 2008

Hey Hey...

I sidled up behind her to kiss her exposed neck. My arms wrapping around her body. I feel tugging on my shirt.

"Hey hey, circle please. Let's get into a circle for a hug." say Mr. Man as if he were addressing the peasants.

We form a circle for a group hug. He sighs heavy and looks up at us smiling. As he turns to walk away, he throws his hands into the air and says, " Alright, thanks for the hug. You two can go back to your kissy stuff. I am out of here."

14 September 2008

Dear Dr. Bob,

Most of the time I internalize my life. Good or bad, doesn't matter. It is very seldom that I let my emotions be shown. On purpose anyway. An even keel has always worked for me.

So I say. It's been many years, decades even, that, deep down, I knew. I know.

Knowing, doesn't change things. It's not just the bad times that cause problems. If things seem too good, internally, the pressure is the same. Strange but true.

Externally, emotions are seen as good or bad, happy or sad. Each with a different reaction.

Internally, pressure is pressure, it's all the same. Building.

When enough pressure builds, it has to be released or the container can burst. It can burst from any where. Any where, there is a weak spot.

To avoid a rupture, you need to release some of the pressure.

There are time though when the pressure builds faster than it can be released and more drastic action is required.

Take something sharp, like a kitchen knife, Swiss Army knife/tool, surgical instruments, needles etc. They all work depending on your needs or urgency.

Locate the area with the most pressure and make an incision. If you still have pressure you can go deeper or make another hole next to it or some place else.

I carry a Swiss Army knife in my bag, every where I go. I haven't used it for years, but, pressure can build fast, you never know. It just might save a live.

The release of pressure is much like a drug. Abuse is often fatal.

Find another release. Go for a bike ride, a run, bowling, anything. I learned once that the pressure can be let go of, with our minds. We just have to want, to let it go. Face our fears.

Easier said than done. Knowing, doesn't always help, at first, but it's getting easier.

10 September 2008

Ravenclaw, You Are Not...(not necessarily you)

Where do ten days go so quickly?

Time seems to have lost meaning. A list of things to do, that doesn't get done. Let's transfer them to tomorrows list. Then let's not do them tomorrow either.

"Where are you?"

"Can you be more specific?"

"???? What?"

"Physically? Mentally? Artistically? Spiritually? Grammatically? "

"I'm running short on time, let's go with physically and work our way up to the others."


That sounds like a great deal of work. Other than physically, I'm in an unfamiliar hood. It looks like a place I've been, only very different.


Do you have dependability issues? Not necessarily "you" per say, rather you have to deal with this issues. Dependability is deal breaker for me. Almost always. There have been an exception or too, based purely on necessity but that was that.

When I agree to do something, I try my best to do it. Why is that so difficult for some? ...for most?

You,(again, not necessarily you) look someone in the eye and agree to do something. Then you do a half ass job, or even better, don't even attempt to do what you agreed.

How do you look that person in the eye again and feel alright with yourself? ...and you do!

How do I (not necessarily me) look that person in the eye and not slap them upside the head for being a complete crud of a human being?

At least try to come through. Keep the lame excuses for another. I've heard them all. I used most. They're barely believable and only add insult to my(not necessarily mine) injury.

Is that too much to ask?