14 September 2008

Dear Dr. Bob,

Most of the time I internalize my life. Good or bad, doesn't matter. It is very seldom that I let my emotions be shown. On purpose anyway. An even keel has always worked for me.

So I say. It's been many years, decades even, that, deep down, I knew. I know.

Knowing, doesn't change things. It's not just the bad times that cause problems. If things seem too good, internally, the pressure is the same. Strange but true.

Externally, emotions are seen as good or bad, happy or sad. Each with a different reaction.

Internally, pressure is pressure, it's all the same. Building.

When enough pressure builds, it has to be released or the container can burst. It can burst from any where. Any where, there is a weak spot.

To avoid a rupture, you need to release some of the pressure.

There are time though when the pressure builds faster than it can be released and more drastic action is required.

Take something sharp, like a kitchen knife, Swiss Army knife/tool, surgical instruments, needles etc. They all work depending on your needs or urgency.

Locate the area with the most pressure and make an incision. If you still have pressure you can go deeper or make another hole next to it or some place else.

I carry a Swiss Army knife in my bag, every where I go. I haven't used it for years, but, pressure can build fast, you never know. It just might save a live.

The release of pressure is much like a drug. Abuse is often fatal.

Find another release. Go for a bike ride, a run, bowling, anything. I learned once that the pressure can be let go of, with our minds. We just have to want, to let it go. Face our fears.

Easier said than done. Knowing, doesn't always help, at first, but it's getting easier.

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Pumpkin said...

We all have our addictions and our bandaids but the best thing to do for ourselves and our loved ones is often the hardest...not giving in to the easy way and finding another, better way as you mentioned (riding a bike and doing other things).

Years ago, I used to drink to relieve the pressure but then I learned to deal with it in a more sane and balanced manner...in the long run I have seen that I am happier because I have dealt with the problems instead of using a quick fix which never works.

Brave and strong post.