26 September 2008


Is there really any one out there that thought Clay Aiken wasn't gay?

Not that there is any thing wrong with being gay. Just seems like kind of a mute point.

Beside.....WHO GIVES A SHIT!


Sheree Rensel said...

I HEAR YOU!!! In fact, I am a fan of Kathy Griffin. She has been calling him "Clay Gaykin" for YEARS. I wrote a comment on a news post about this saying this isn't news. If it is, it is very OLD news. Come on now.
You are right, Who cares anyway. I sure don't!

Sizzle said...

For serious!

I just don't get the whole kid situation. Like, why?

delmer said...

I wasn't surprised.

And, like you, I'm not one to be concerned about it.