24 October 2007

A Means To Better Understanding...

When I was a child growing up, my Dad ran with the Briefs. I'm sure it was because his dad, my grand father aligned himself with the Boxers. Kids always like to be rebellious.

As it would go, when the choice was mine to make, I wanted to be rebellious too. I wasn't about to hang with the same crowd as my parents. The Briefs were old school. I was free and untamed. Naturally I was drawn to the Commandos. They set their own rules. They were free and no one told them where to go or what to do.

I knew plenty of Briefs in school. Their dads were Boxers. The Briefs were alright guys but we saw things differently. At times I would hang with the Briefs. I tried to keep an open mind. While dating a certain girl in high school I even spent a good deal of time with the Bikini crowd. Who among us hasn't experimented ?

All in all I still found that I enjoyed the anarchistic life of the Commandos.

It was during a trip to Brazil that I met a lovely young lady that introduced me to the Thongs. She made it sound appealing. The exotic nature of it all. I was hung up on what I thought was their restrictive nature. Like the Bikinis, 'butt'...more severe.

Like most men I am easily swayed by an attractive woman. I converted to the Thongs. At first I found them in conflict with my Commando nature. After awhile it became more and more comfortable. I could see the appeal. Close to the Commando but with a little more of a group support system. At times the support was much needed. Who doesn't need a little support now and then?

As I have grown older I have learned that there is no one way to life. It's best to keep an open mind. Knowing about all of the clans makes for a well rounded and comfortable life.

Each of the clans; Boxers, Briefs, Bikinis, Thongs and Commandos has advantages and disadvantages.

I try to unite the best of all the beliefs. Different situations call for different methods. It is by understanding those around us that we can live with those around us, in peace.


delmer said...

Just this past summer I changed to boxer briefs (in colors) ... at the suggestion of a woman.

I changed from plain, old, white briefs.

Heather Anne said...

Victoria will be very upset when she sees that you have spilled her Secret to the whole Internets!

Iron Fist said...

You know, with all this Retro craze that's going on, I'd personally look into joining up with the Bloomers.