03 November 2007

Quick Draw Update...Part One

The event was sold out. About three hundred people milling around, staring, asking silly questions.

I set up my table at about 6:45 pm, went directly to the bar for a double vodka rocks. $12. Bastards.

From 7 to 8 pm there was a catered reception for the crowd to meet and greet the artists, eat and drink. While I was talking, eating and drinking, and drinking, I was warming up by painting two smaller canvases. An 11 x 14 inch and a 12 x 36 inch. People stood and watched, took photos, blah blah.

At 8pm the time started and we were off. I chose to paint a 24 x 36 inch canvas. I was much more relaxed this year than last. I didn't stress. I took my time. I managed to talk with anyone that stopped to ask questions. I paused for drinks. I asked people what they thought as I painted.

I managed to finish my painting in about 40 minutes. I was pleased with it. It gave me a chance to wonder around for a while to see what the other artists were doing. There was some good work as well as some crap.

At 9pm the auction started. My work came up while I was hiding at the back of the crowd. I don't like the auction part. This year mine sold for $975. After the quick draw works were auctioned a few of us that had done others were asked to auction those as well. The 12 x 36 inch also sold for $475. Not bad. It was about there wholesale prices. I was pleased.

Photos will follow of course.

Today we have had Christopher Mathie in the gallery painting. Tonight our reception starts at 6 ish. The town is packed for the weekend.

Right now I took a break from the gallery so I could come home and make a lasagna. We will have about a dozen guests tonight after the receptions are over. About 10-11pm.

I have to finish cooking tonight apps and get them and myself back to the gallery.

More to come...

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