15 November 2007

A Little Batty...

How many of you know this candy bar? It's the Twin Bing. One of the most fabulous candy bars ever made. I haven't seen them since I left the mid west 20 plus years ago. My dad is a huge fan of these as well and has talked about them for decades. I bought an entire box of them for him for Christmas. That's 144 candy bars. Ok I've eaten several of them already. He should end up with about a hundred of them. They are so good!


I just downloaded the PhotoStamps application for Tiger. It lets me make postage stamps with my own photos. It works with iPhoto also, which is cool. So today I made a couple of sheets of stamps with Mr. Man's photo on them. Next will be my art work, art from the gallery, all kinds of crazy things.


How many days can a person go with out a decent night sleep? I'm going on....three years now. I can't seem to get more that about three to five hours, and not even consecutive hours.

It's making me a little batty.


Political Correctness is TOTALLY out of control. What the hell is wrong with people? Will no one be happy until everything is ruined for everyone else? When did everyone get so touchy and easily offended by absolutely everything?

I just read about Santa's not being allowed to say "Ho Ho Ho" because it may be degrading to women. What kind of person would be offended by Santa and his Ho Ho Ho? And is this the kind of person that anyone should be listening too?

Let me tell you. Crazy fucked up people and NO. They need a big heaping helping of STFU!

How about calling things the way the are? How about taking responsibility for our own actions? What if we stopped catering to the lowest common denominator of humanity?

Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life America.


Sizzle said...

really!? that ho ho ho thing is ridiculous!

Dave2 said...

Never heard of a Twin Bing... is it some kind of cherry candy then?

eclectic said...

God, I hear ya on the fat, drunk and stupid -- there's waaaay too much of that going around. And even more at the holidays. Yippee.

I suppose the next PC movement will require us to change the name of I-da-ho, too. We can't have states fighting over who's the ho.

Mad William said...


Seriously, can you believe it?


Twin Bing's are chocolate with nut chunks around a cherry cream center. Each bar is two little lumps. They are all hand made, the same way they have been for more than a hundred years. Awesome!

They're made by Palmer Candies in Sioux City Ia.


I-da-ho, that's hysterical!

Sheree Rensel said...

Oh William!! This post made me laugh. When I grew up in Michigan, my favorite candy bar was called "BUN". It was a maple, peanut, chocolate blob. I loved it. They don't sell "Bun" here in Florida. A few years ago, I went online and bought a dozen. They came and I ate them all in a week. Gee............that sounds good. I think I am going to do that again. A maple Bun sounds really good right now.
See ya!!!! LOL

Sheree Rensel said...

It is ALL YOUR FAULT!!! Right now, as we speak a FED EX is working to send me the BUN candy bars I just ordered. I bought a whole box! (24) I have the next 9 days off my day job (vacation). I will be working on videos for YouTube, painting, and getting fatter than I already am! LOL LOL LOL
Oh my gosh, I can taste those Bun bars right now. That fake maple taste is to die for (and I probably will eventually). I can see it now: my death certificate will read: Death by Bun bar intoxication. The END

Sheree Rensel said...

Fat? Drunk? Stupid?
Well..........I might be all of the above. However, this is what got me started. I ordered my favored "Bun" bar. Back in the day, it was in a yellow orange wrapper. The box came today. The wrapper is different, but the taste is ............oh my gosh, I am in HEAVEN!"
I am not so worried about the Fat, drunk, stupid reference.
I know I am not an alcoholic. I know for SURE, I am not stupid. The "FAT" thing is relative. I watched "The Biggest Loser" last night and any one of the contestants wish they could be my midget size. So I will indulge. I will eat. I will consume BUN bars from now until New Year's. Life is good!