30 September 2007

New Space...

Welcome to the new space, please come in.
Straight ahead is the main space. To the right is the secondary space. It will become our frame shop, viewing area and bar. Yes, we are putting in a bar with this gallery. Things are looking up already.

This is the main space. We will have to play with it for awhile to figure out where everything should go. I have moved the sofa three times already. From the far window on the left we can see all of downtown.

This is where the desk is going to stay. We can see both spaces from here and it covers a big rip in the carpet.

This space gets a much different crowd than the other space. Being next door to the toy store brought in absolutely everyone who came to town. Being upstairs changes that. In a good way.

We put a few chairs in this area. To contemplate art, life and where to have lunch.
This gallery doesn't smell like pizza all of the time. A huge plus.

It does smell like incense. The last tenant was a new age crystal and bead store. She used to give "Psychic Massage", she would lay you on a table surrounded by mirrors, crystals, incense etc. She never touched you. It was all done psychically. All for $45.00 an hour. I am so in the wrong business.


eclectic said...

Congrats MW!! The new space looks lovely!

Sizzle said...

i was just thinking that i am in the wrong business. hmm...i must be psychic! maybe i can charge $45 an hour!? ;)

the new space looks great!

Iron Fist said...

Hey, congratulations! The new place looks great.

Mad William said...

Thank you all,

I am liking the new digs. I'm working on getting rid of the partners for good so this space feels more like mine. Soon it will be. Mine, all mine!

gonzales said...

Wow, it looks really great! I know better things will happen here.

beta-carotene said...

wow! the space does look super! and you're opening a bar too? that is so exciting!!! i'm hoping to get to the coast in the next week or two, i'll try and stop in.

Sheree Rensel said...

William- It looks GREAT!! I love the bar idea!! One gallery in Michigan I showed in for years had a bar. That was THE place for openings. I still have great memories of that place!!
I doubt I will ever get up to the northwest (too cold), but I would love to have a beer to toast to your future success.
Oh....ahhhhh...do you know if you have to get certified to become a "psychic massage therapist"???? Just curious!! I am going to go google that. That might be the answer to my new career search! LOL LOL LOL
Sheree Rensel

Pumpkin said...

Congrats! It looks fantastic. :)

I love the bar idea, too! Too bad I can't hop on a plane and see it for myself.