08 September 2007

This Week In The Gallery...

Would you and a friend like to go to Hawaii on us?

For a limited time, buy any work marked with a “special” blue dot,

and William Rose Fine Art will send you and a friend to Hawaii*

* Certain restrictions do apply; dates of availability and artwork available for this promotion will vary. Trips, destinations and accommodations will vary from person to person. Ask us for more details.


It's time to give more. We didn't increase our prices to adjust for the give aways. We are lowering our profits to give more to our clients.

I'm tired of places wanting more and more and giving less and less. It's not just the art world but the world in general. Good service and quality product have become a thing of the past.

When you are offered a piece of crap, the price is irrelevant. It's still a piece of crap. All the hype in the world wont change that. I'm beginning to think that we have all lost the ability to spot quality vs crap. Well it may be running us out of business but we refuse to sell crap. Quality costs a bit more but in the long run, it's worth it.

Good work is never cheap, and cheap work is never good!


Sheree Rensel said...

What scares me even more is how some artists sell their selves short! I repeatedly look at various artist gallery sites and look at the work and the prices. For example, yesterday I noticed a kind of cool gallery advertising some artists in their current show. One artist's work struck my eye. Her works were small, but powerful. Yet the price was around $100. WOW! I thought that was so CHEAP. Considering the commission she would pay to the gallery, the money she would get for her work, effort, time, energy, creativity, and art supplies would be minimal. Maybe she just wants to sell. Maybe she has a rich uncle. Maybe she is a lottery winner and can make art for the pleasure. Regardless, I am amazed at how some artists will sell so cheap, just to sell. This isn't a good scenario either. Our work and we is worth more.
Sheree Rensel

Mad William said...

We have a couple of galleries here that under price their work. I have never understood it. Sell your work is great but not when you end up making minimum wage or less. It's not good for any of us when they do this.
Everyday I hear collectors upset that they cant buy an original oil painting for a couple hundred dollars, and yet they have no idea what goes into creating the work. Those same people would never complain about how much a Ferrari sells for.
We and our work are worth more.