12 September 2007

Point Of View...Part two-Rules Of Engagement

If you picked option C, you could be my investor. It is so great to be involved with people who care about your well being and want you to succeed.

At least, that's what I'm told. The people I work with could care less about us.

I have been trying to picture what would happen if I took their advice and only worried about getting their money back to them.

Stop paying rent...No building for the business. Reported to credit bureaus. Possibly sued by landlord.
Stop paying vendors...No product for the business to sell. No sales, no income. Possibly sued by vendors.
Stop paying the staff salaries...they can't pay their bills. They lose their house. Default on their personal bills. Go bankrupt. (The staff consists of Precious and myself.)

So, I take their advice and in a month or so, I have no product no building and no staff.

How exactly do they think I am going to get them their investment back?

The more I'm around people, the more they disappoint. Clearly, I'm hanging around the wrong people.

I live my life by a few basic rules that I was brought up with. They have been a pretty good guide up to this point in my life. The times life has been hardest was because I ignored one or more of my rules.

That is exactly what has happened here.

The first rule I ignored. Trust my own judgment. It's always been pretty good. When I have a gut feeling that says,"...why would anyone come to this place? There is nothing here to encourage sales or growth." I should listen to that feeling. I'm having it for a reason.

The second rule I ignored. Never do business with family or friends. EVER. One of the investment partners is someone I have considered a friend. I knew the second he asked about investing that it was a bad idea.

There are a few other things I managed to do wrong with this endeavor, but I'm pretty sure those can be fixed. The first two, well that's a little more difficult.


Sizzle said...

that is just awful. i am so very sorry to hear it. it is wise to always trust our guts but sometimes other factors weigh in and we slip.

this doesn't seem to be a situation where you should be beating yourself up. they are the ones who are at fault!

Iron Fist said...

Some investor! Grrr. An investment takes time to mature. If he wanted a bunch of money back right away he should have bet on horse racing instead (which is a far bigger risk, if you ask me).