08 December 2007

Getting Back...

After what has been almost a week of being a storm refugee, we are again home. The power came back on this morning just before midnight. All safe and well.


Portland is a great city and after living on the Oregon coast, a much needed oasis of civilization.

We tried to have a little fun while we were there.

Christmas lights at The Grotto, complete with choirs, carolers, a petting zoo and a puppet show about the littlest angel.

The Christmas "Holiday" Tree in Pioneer Square.
I love the color of the sky in this shot. It's a little blurry, but I was shooting from a moving car while driving. I probably shouldn't do things like that.

Mr. Man loved the belly dancer at Marrakesh. She was good. A wonderful time with excellent, traditional Moroccan food, decor and entertainment.

This was one of the many hillsides just out side of Cannon Beach. If you look close, the trees that didn't get blown over have been broken off. There was several miles of this kind of devastation.

This is, was, the largest Sitka Spruce tree in the country. It stood just a few miles from us on Highway 26. Over 215 feet tall, 58 feet around and more than 750 years old. It is now the countries largest Sitka Stump. This weeks storm broke it off about 75 feet from the base.


Iron Fist said...

Hey, good times! Glad you got to see the zoo lights.

I didn't know that spruce got toppled. I'm glad I got to see it a few years back.

eclectic said...

I'm so sad about the spruce!!! We had a big windstorm last January that shut our town down for a few days too, trees uprooted and downed all over the place... roofs blown clear off of buildings... bridges compromised. I'd forgotten how sobering that was. This reminds me. I'm just so glad you and yours are safe!

And dang, that Mr. Man is just about darling, isn't he?!?