03 April 2011

Changing Education...Still Need Help...

So, I've been sharing my idea with others. Everyone has been very excited about getting involved, and I've had several offers to help. Which is nice.

Basically, I want to put schools (of all levels, I have a plan for each) into business for them selves in order to solve budget problems. Not just any business. The Network Marketing business. Now, it doesn't really matter which one a school chooses. I recommend several to begin with.

Network marketing is the perfect solution for school funding because it keeps giving. Next to no start up costs. No inventory. No special skills needed. The income earned is residual. It will continue to give as long as the customers use products.

 Traditional fund raising for many schools consists of car washes, bake sales, begging for donations etc. The school provides a good or a service, a sale or event is held, and that's it. It's usually a very small amount of money considering what went into making said money.

For the same amount of work, you get people involved in a network marketing business. They find products they want, they buy, and continue to buy and the school continues to get money. All those small purchases will add up. Happy customers will share what they have found with friends and family who will intern buy more products. The school gets that money too. It continues to grow as long as there are at least a few parents willing to get involved. And you can get involved for as little as a few dollars a month. It's simple and you're going to buy these products anyway. Lets make your purchases count.

There are businesses and products for everyone. Every school should be able to find at least one model that works for them.

I know, I know...this country has a huge issue with Network Marketing. I still do. Personally, I blame Amway. But that is beside the point. Some of these are billion dollar, proven companies that work. They are going to make more millionaires in the next few years than any other industry.

Lets put a few of these companies to the test. Get schools involved. In theory, this could make schools self sufficient in a mater of years.

I know! Network Marketing. This will work.

And just to be clear. I will never ask any of you to  listen to a presentation or join anything I may be doing.

But this education thing. It will work. Get involved. Lets change education forever.

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