28 November 2011

Craigslist, Home Of Crooks And Charlatans...

I have been trying to use Craigslist for one of my new business ventures. It's been a few months. I have ads placed in five different states, in a variety of cities.

For every one legitimate response I get to one of my ads, I get about 500 or more responses from some jackass trying to scam me.

Every time I listen to the news, I hear of someone else that has been ripped off, robbed, assaulted or murdered by a person they met on Craigslist.

Almost every ad I have every responded to on Craigslist has been placed by someone trying to scam me.

It seems to me that it has become a breading ground for criminals, thugs, and con artists.

I run ads on other venues and a variety of different sites. I never get the responses from them, that I get from Craigslist. In fact I seldom get any response from any of the other sites.
Not legit or scammers.

So what is it about Craigslist that attracts the dead beats and derelicts?

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