21 November 2011

T-Mobile Broke Up With Me Over A Cheap Phone...

After ten years of loyal customer support of T-Mobile, they have told me point blank that they 

would rather lose my business than upgrade two six year old phones for free. All I wanted was

two very basic, call, text and camera phones. I was willing to sign a two year extension and 

upgrade our plans. Didn't matter. I have always told everyone I knew how wonderful T-Mobile 

was. Well from now on I will be telling everyone I know how terrible and greedy they have 

become. They were more than happy to lose a customer of ten years over a cheap $20 phone. 

So who's happy with their phone provider, as long as it's anyone except T-Mobile?

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eclectic said...

Verizon has been great here. I don't know if it will last, but we've been with them over 10 years now, and they've gone out of their way more than once to be awesome. Once when I fell on my phone and smashed it beyond recognition, and I hadn't subscribed to their available online data backup, they cobbled it together sufficiently to be able to download my contacts from the smashed phone even though they had to navigate the commands through a different phone because the buttons weren't functioning. Then, they informed me of the data backup, but didn't push me to subscribe. And that's just one example. Hope you find a carrier that meets your expectations and needs!