09 June 2011

Confrontation...Part Two...

One of the biggest difficulties of being a non-confrontational person, is that every now and then, I really want to smack people. Just wind up and cuff them in the side of there narrow minded head.

But I don't.

Some people that know me. Not necessarily friends mind you, but acquaintances that I have known for a length of time. A few of them take advantage of my nature. They push me, in a way that I believe they are trying to provoke a confrontation.

I have that happening now. I can't really tell you about it here. But I really, really want to smack this person.

Four days a week it takes all of my energy not to pound them into the turf and step on their head as I walk away.

Instead I go home and tell Precious about it. Which she loves.(can you feel the snark)
And of course I vent my frustrations in my painting and my writing. Most of the time it helps and let the situation go. Other times it doesn't. Karate and bike rides help too.

I just don't understand why some people seem to choose to be total asshats! 

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delmer said...

Luckily, none of the people I see on a regular basis are asshats. Now, folks I happen across in movie theaters... that's another story.