23 February 2011

The. Most. Freaky. Thing. Ever! EVER!

In the gallery today, a couple walk in. I think to myself; "Self, I know this guy."

We talk for awhile and I finally have to ask.

"Have you ever been to (Insert State here)?" 

"No", he says,

"Wow, you look just like a guy I went to high school with named John Smith. (Not his real name).

He turn white and looked like he might be sick. Even his girl friend gasped when I said the name.

I stepped back, not knowing what to expect next.

He looked at me, took a deep breath, and said, "My name IS John Smith."

I paused and smiled slightly before I said, "SHUT! UP! Seriously?"

"Seriously." he said softly.

We just stood there starring at one another for what seemed like an hour. I can not think of a more bizarre coincidence in all of my life.

Not only do these two people have doppelgangers, but they have the same name.

(Which as I have just learned is one of the definitions. Look a-likes and or the same name.)

Which is really, really cool.

I don't know what this means, if anything, but it was beyond strange. The universe is quite peculiar at times.


Kelly said...

Okay, these are the kinds of stories I LOVE. That was so crazy-bizarre wonderful!

Dave2 said...

Fringe is REAL. You just spotted an alternate-universe version of the person you know!

I knew watching television would pay off one of these days...