09 July 2008

In My Head...

Some events in life seem to make a person reminisce. Like being away from family or loved ones. When we're all together, I don't spend much time thinking about our history.

It's a well documented history, with journals, letters and photos. I don't look at them very often. Other things take up our time and we get caught up in just getting from B to C that we forget about A.

For the most part, A was pretty darn great, but I have a feeling that C is going to be better.

Our summer of dysfunction is almost over. Arrangements to make. Things to pack and pitch. More back and forth. Planning and re-planning. Much art to sell. I wish I were a better sale person.(sometimes) I don't like sales. I don't have the killer instinct in me. It sure would come in handy right now.

Our new gallery space is so clear in my head. I spend too much time there and not enough here, finishing things. There is much to do and little getting done. I've noticed that I spend a great deal of time, in my head.

Is it all some elaborate master plan? Do we make our own reality? Is it all relative? Were my relatives replaced by pod people? I don't recognize them anymore. Maybe it's me that I don't recognize.


kat! said...

looking forward can be a very good thing. if you spend too much time looking back you're liable to run into something.

You can call me, 'Sir' said...

Answers for your last paragraph:

I tend to think so.
Define 'pod'.
It's probably you. Have you shaved recently? That does it sometimes.

Sizzle said...

These things happen when so much change is happening at once. Hang in there.

Pumpkin Pie said...

Sometimes I question reality and it is mostly during the times that I am most tried by reality.

I have so many things going right in my life right now and one important thing going wrong...but, I accept that life is like that and we must live whatever it is that we are living.

Love doesn't know distance.

Anonymous said...

You've been on your own a while, and I know when I spend even 2 or 3 days alone I start living in my head.
You're on the home straight - almost there ;o)