21 February 2009

Dear Dr. Bob,

A few things:

The "What's the word?" contest, was won by the lovely Penelope, She came up with "Lost". Which was the correct answer. Sorry about there being no link. Her website moved and I'm on a foreign computer that doesn't have her new address. I'll fix it later, I promise.

Anywho...Penelope is going to get one of my wine paintings for her effort. Hope she likes it.

Any and all future paintings have been put on hold. My muse is away.

I feel behind on everything. I seem to be fraying a bit at the edges. I can't even remember the last time I had anything worth writing down.

Our house guests are still with us. Enough said about that.

The dream job progresses. Still very exciting and still a bit dreamy. Precious has gone rogue and started working as an independent dealer from home. (I'm jealous) We're trying to get a patent on one of her inventions. A hideous undertaking. So much BS. We're also trying to start a pet care business. It's much more specific than that but I 'm not going to go into it now.

I get very little time with Precious and Mr. Man lately, so I'm treasuring it when ever I can.

I've gone back to lurking around the interwebs, as I very much enjoy reading about all of you and will continue to. Just don't have much to contribute right now.

See you when I see you...



Iron Fist said...

Getting a patent for an invention can be a real trial. I wish you all the best with that.

Anonymous said...

I'm beside myself with glee about the painting!! Wine and an original MW in 1 handy package - brilliant ;o)

eclectic said...

Ugh -- patent law and process. Sincerely sending you good luck, I'm even crossing my fingers!

The contributing thing... it ebbs and flows, like life's little journey itself. Wishing you time to enjoy with the people and pursuits you love.

Pumpkin said...

Good luck with the patent and new pet care business. I hope you find away to spend more time together because I know how important that is to you.