22 August 2009

Dear Apple,


I wanted you to know, I love almost everything you do. I am a huge fan of the machines, gadgets, browsers and everything else you do and have done. And I very much appreciate the six months of free service with Mobileme.

However, Mobileme is still one giant pile of steamy crap!

Mobileme has NEVER worked the way we were told it would. There are CONSTANT disruptions to service, it is down more than a two dollar whore and I am forever getting error messages for absolutely everything I need to do, not to mention how often I am just disconnected for no reason what so ever.

Even though the error messages say that a copy has been save to drafts or where ever it should be saved, do know what? IT NEVER SAVES SHIT!

Please, Steve, have at least one of your minions spend some time working on the numerous bugs and glitches that Mobileme still has. Or at least put dot mac back on line. In all the years I used dot mac, I never had a problem. EVER.

The few bells and whistles that mobileme has that do work are not enough to make up for the amount that still doesn't, and hasn't ever worked.

Steve, you're better than this. And quite frankly, I expect more from you. If this was MS, I would take it in stride because we expect MS to suck. But you're Apple baby. Please, do something.


A once satisfied, growing ever pissed off customer.


Dave2 said...

I've been with MobileMe since day one (when it was called "iTools" and then ".Mac") and must concur. It has NEVER worked for me as promised, particularly iDisk which is STILL a steaming pile. Even when you manage to get a decent transfer rate, which is rare, it slows down my Mac to a crawl or crashes. First I ended up using a third-party app... then I just abandoned iDisk completely because it's useless. About the only thing worth my continuing to pay $99 annually is the Syncing which, when it's working, is a very handy thing to have. If this were a free service, I wouldn't feel the need to complain... but I'm PAYING for it. Worst of all? Support is NON-EXISTENT! When they stripped the "Groups" service I wanted to keep one my group name... do you think I could get an answer from ANYWHERE? No. Just canned responses that were more frustrating than helpful. Mobile Me is a total embarrassment for Apple... and, unfortunately, one they seem to have no intent on fixing anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

have you tried contacting their chat support team? they've helped me before with some problems i was having and they were very helpful.

it's a bit hard to find, but here's how you get to them:


click on MobileMe Mail on the bottom left. then you'll see some other topics expand. click anyone (say Sending Mail) and then you'll see the chat now button show up on the right.

good luck!

delmer said...

This is one of the reasons I'm a PC.

I never have disappointments like this... only moments of incredible surprise.

Mostly because I never expect things to work as advertised. And when they do...