30 October 2009

Wake Up...

...The "Dream Job"...is over. 2009 is officially the worst, year, ever!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry! When a door closes, another one somewhere opens. I know 2010 will start out better! Squeak

Anonymous said...

*Hug* sweetheart.
Somewhere, over The Pond, your painting is appreciated every. single. day.
Remember that! x

delmer said...

I'm sorry.

Like Lady P, I see the painting you sent me every day and am reminded of how good it was of you to send it to me.

Karma is on your side.

Christine said...


Sometimes, you have these dreams and they come true and then you realize--you were filling in the blanks the way you wanted them to be.

I'm sorry the dream job didn't work out. But your next thing is on its way, even though you haven't dreamed it yet.

Hugs to you, hon.

Iron Fist said...

I am terribly sorry to hear that. I hope whatever comes next is a lot better for you.

eclectic said...

Ugh. So disappointing. I'm sorry!

I still believe that it's better to pursue a dream though -- even if it doesn't work out -- than to wonder ever after what might have been if you had.

Here's hoping next time goes your way.