08 November 2009

Opinions Please...

I normally don't put anything with my actual identity on this site. Mainly trying to keep this site from getting me fired or sued. But since my professional life has been adjusted, I can't really see what harm it's going to do to introduce one to the other. At least at this point.

No doubt I will come to regret that last statement but here goes anywho...

I have revamped my website and added a lot of new, and old works. Now I would like a few opinions.

Please take a look and let me know what you think. Good or bad. It all helps.



Mad William said...

Sorry all, I have noticed a couple of bugs on the site. Blank spots and titles that wont show up for some reason. I will be calling Apple Care for help on Monday.

I'm working on them.


Anonymous said...

For the record, I think you should do whatever you feel comfortable with :o)
Just don't go away!

Squeak said...

One of my favs is abstract wine #2 and of course Reece Dyrewitch!

Christine said...

On some pages, you can see that there are items which have already been sold. On the others, though, you can't---so the dullards among us might not realize those paintings are for sale at all.

Also, I think your portraits of famous people are your weakest work.

There, ya got yer mean comments out of the way. :D

Also, my husband's niece is an artist--her site includes comments from some of the more illustrious people who have purchased her work. For some, at least, knowing that X Famous Person has 2 of your paintings and loves them might be enough to draw business your way.

I'll keep thinking/beating your site with a stick.

Christine said...

Also, now that I think of it, you should consider putting a photo of yourself on there.

delmer said...

Christine makes some good design points -- a photo of yourself might be a good idea (though it may go against your private nature). Also, I'd not realized the paintings were for sale... even after I saw that some were marked "sold."

"Do I Smell Bacon" speaks to me. (In an "I like the look of the painting" way ... not in an "I'm having a psychotic break" manner.)