02 December 2010

Welcome To Baghdad...You Are Truly Free Now...

Yesterday as I dropped Mr. Man at school, I was stuck in a 50 car traffic jam. The problem was that a few of the parents had decided that they should park in the clearly marked, NO PARKING FIRE LANE, instead of using the dozens of empty parking spaces that were no more than 25 feet from where they were stopped illegally.

It didn't matter to the few in the red zone, that they were holding up about 50 other parents that were following the rules.

Everyone just sat there. These few pew people were screwing things up for everyone. And everyone just sat there.

I couldn't help myself. I very politely mentioned to a couple of the offenders that they were blocking traffic by stopping in the red zone. Which, according to the DMV, last time I checked, was illegal every where, not just in school parking lots.

Before I even finished my sentence, one of the women jumped out of her car and started screaming at me. "MIND YOUR OWN FUCKIN BUSINESS!...."

It only got worse from there. I stood silently, with this woman just inches from my face screaming at me about what a fuck I was, and everyone else was doing it, and blah blah blah.

I thought about knocking her out. I thought about giving her a hug. Instead, I shook my head, and told her I felt sorry for her, and I walked away. She was still screaming obscenities at me as I left.

I want a new rule. If you want to act in an uncivilized manner and behave the way this woman and the others like her. Fine. But we, as a civilized society, should be able to ship their dumb asses to the Middle East, or Somalia, or any where else people act like barbarians. Where there are no rules and you can be the biggest douche bag you want to be.

We have all become so afraid of sticking up for what's right for fear of offending someone else, or being sued. We have these rules for a reason. If you think you are above those rules, fine. Enjoy Iraq, and your world with no rules. You'll get dropped off with a Bible and a tee shirt showing a terrorist Muhammad on it. See just how special you really are.

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