04 June 2013


They worked together. Saw each other every day for the most part. Smiles and eye batting. The occasional wink. She was hot and he was flattered. It was fun and innocent.

One day they were standing beside each other. He turned to say hello. Their eyes met, they held the gaze. Then she said, "You have the most beautiful eyes." he was positive that when she said it that her eyes sparkled. Like you see in the movies. a little spark of sunshine glistened in her eyes. he could almost hear the ting sound that goes with it. His pulse doubled, he took in a quick deep breath, and very softly said,
"Thank you." as he continued to look at her. Lost in her gaze. It was over in a second. They got interrupted and each went about their day.

He couldn't stop thinking about what he had seen. It was a spark. Her eyes sparkled.

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