04 November 2006

I Survived!

I am just getting home from the "Quick Draw". I went to set up my area at around 5pm Friday evening. Made sure my iPod was working, set-up my laptop to run a slide show of my web site, put paint on my pallet, had the bar tender make me a double vodka, I was ready. At about 6:30 pm the crowd started to roll in. I was a good boy and politely talked and mingled with the crowd answering silly questions over and over. That's Ok, it took my mind off the task at hand.

At 8 pm we were given the word to begin. I cranked my iPod and went to work. I had a back up canvas that I knew I could finish in 20 minutes. After 30 minutes if the first choice was not going well I was going to switch gears.

So I'm painting away, trying hard not to pay any attention to the hundreds of people parading past my table. I hear the loud speaker so I remove the ear phones to listen. I hear him say that we have 15 minutes left.

Holy Crap! where did that first 45 minutes go?

I through my self into over drive. There was no time to switch paintings, I had to finish the one I had going.

With about 5 minutes left I decided that it was over. Sign it and be done.

I took the head phones off, people instantly started asking questions and talking to me.

It was amazingly nerve-racking. But I survived.

At the auction my work sold for $450. Not the high of the night, but not the low either.

Here is the finished work. 13 x 20 inches plus the frame. 55 minutes.

In about 7 hours I have two interviews with local news papers and about two dozen people want to come to the gallery and look at my work.

All in all I was pleased with the out come.

I am not going to paint a thing for at least a week.

I did try to video the night, but some where along, my recorder stopped working so I wont know what I recorded for a day or two.

Now I need sleep! IT'S OVER


southernfemme said...

I love it! Great job.

Proud of you Sir William.



Heather said...

Hooray for you! The painting is beautiful. And I'm glad you are getting the publicity. :)

What did you listen to on the iPod while you painted?

Mad William said...

Thank you thank you! Both of you.

It was the fastest and longest hour I have ever spent.

I started off listening to the "Dresden Dolls" Coin Operated Boy,
I can't remember that song finishing. Right before I signed the painting someone asked what I was listening too. At that moment it was BB King and Muddy Waters.
I had the iPod on shuffle witha real mix of things.

Dave2 said...

Very nice. My jealousy over your talent jumps up yet another notch... :-)