19 December 2006

Happy Stinkin' Holidays...

Christmas has always been a time of mixed emotion for me. From the time I was 11, I have not enjoyed Christmas. I could never figure out how the world seemed to have forgotten what Christmas was really about. The commercialism of it all made me sick. Still does.
Until we had Mr. Man I had always tried to avoid the holiday as best I could.

Now that we have a child something struck me. I'm Santa!

I started to think about the holiday differently. I could now teach my son what I believed Christmas to be about. Now I get to see Christmas through his eyes.
The sights, sounds and wonders of the time that have long been gone from my memory.

It should be a wondrous time for humanity, not just Christians. A time of peace, love, charity and all that goes with it.

Maybe I have been reading too many mommy bloggers or I am just getting misty. Who knows, who cares.

The holiday is more than gifts, shopping, greed and inhumanity in the name of more more more, me me me!

Treat people with love and kindness and you will get love and kindness in return. It's so crazy and simple, it just might work.


eclectic said...

I have to admit to a certain 'grinchiness' now that I'm the mommy, and everyone looks to me to attend to all the details. Gift-giving stresses me out when it's obligatory. I'm more of a "Oh WOW, passing by this store I saw the perfect _______, and I knew you had to have it" kind of spontaneous, no-it's-not-your-birthday-it's-just-because kind of gift giver. But I do try to muster a light and happy heart in the middle of it, because I don't want the kids to ever feel I resented being generous!

eclectic said...

Merry Christmas!!

femme said...

Merry Christmas, Mad William, to you and yours!