10 January 2007

Repairing Injustice...Part 4

It seems that my posts about Repairing Injustice have caused some ill feeling towards me. I have been called a variety of names this week. Most are in the lines of: Racist, Bigot, Nazi...

To all of you, stop reading my blog. You are clearly closed minded boobs. Had you read all of the posts before branding me, you may have noticed that I was reporting things that have been happening in the art world in regards to WWII era crimes against humanity as well as art. My questions were about whether or not some wrongs could be corrected.

When I talk about what is being done for those who lost property of value, it makes me question what is being done for the families and heirs who did not have wealth. I only hear stories about compensation and restitution being given to the wealthier families. That seemed wrong to me. The fact a family was wealthy does not make their suffering any greater than the families who were poor.

And not that I have to explain myself, because I don't. However, my family suffered and lost lives during WWII. Am I Jewish? No. Does my families loss mean less? No. Loss is loss.
Do I think Germany and their allies owe me compensation? No. They can't undo what was done by paying me.

In the early 19th century (that's the 1800's) several of my ancestors were slaves. Am I black? No. Does that make their suffering or my families suffering any less? No. Does the government of the United states owe me compensation? No. They can't undo what has been done by paying for it.

What can be done? Learn something from history. Remember our mistakes and don't repeat them.

Oh, and stop being so freakin greedy!

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