11 January 2007

Making Angels...

At 6am this morning we were woke by the joyous screams of Mr. Man, announcing that it had been snowing over night.

Guys wake up! Wake up! Snow. It Snowed. Christmas Eve, it's Christmas Eve! Guys wake up!

The formality of him referring to his parents as "Guys", tends to make me giggle. Precious on the other hand does not care for it. Or the 6am part of it. I will agree with that.

Had it not been 6am this could have been much funnier than it was. It was really fun to hear the excitement in his voice though. I remember how I used to love waking up to several inches of snow. The world was quiet and everything seemed new. I couldn't wait to go make snow angels, and play until I could no longer feel my limbs.

So that is exactly what we did. I put on our warmest clothes and showed my son how to make a snow angel. We ran and played until we were frozen. We loved every minute of it.

Mr. Man had seen snow before, but this was the first time we had gotten to go play in it.
If I could figure out how to put a movie clip on this site, I have a great one of him making angels. I'll work on that.

Chadette No 43
Blue Velvet


Laurence said...

Très jolie photos. Ce paysage est magnifique !!!
J'aime bien Chadette n°43. Dans ce tableau, il y a moins de tristesse (par rapport aux autres)... J'aime.

Mad William said...

Merci beaucoup, Laurence.