13 February 2007

Santa Has VD...

For the last few days Mr. man has been asking when Santa will come and bring him hearts and candy.

I have no idea where he got the idea that Santa would be involved in Valentines day. He seems to think that every holiday is run by Santa.

I still don't know why he got so excited about Valentines day. As holidays go, Valentines day is my least favorite. A made up holiday to boost the profit margin of Hallmark and make men feel like schmucks for not spending money.

Expressions of love should be done on a regular basis, not just once a year. Personally, I prefer to make everyday something special. Life is short and not guaranteed. Don't wait to tell those special to you how you feel about them. Do it every time you get the chance.

This year though, against my better judgment, Mr. Man will wake up to a couple of heart shaped balloons and a box of sweethearts. He's only 2 after all. I can ruin Valentines day for him next year.


eclectic said...

That's hilarious!! Mr. Man is adorable, and of course, he has a point. They do call it SAINT Valentine's, so Saint Nick could conceivably be involved. But by all means, you must promise to ruin it for him, for I can't abide another "paint-by-numbers" soul being set loose on the world.

Mad William said...


No "paint-by-numbers" in this house. I promise he will be taught all about the fake holiday and how much I dislike it.