08 February 2007

Georgia On My Mind...

My mind and creative output have been all over the place this week. Still something strange in the air. Anyone know where my moon is? Maybe it's in retrograde.

The New York Art Expo is in three weeks. We don't get to go. Phooey.

This is one of three works. High contrast figures. Still working on the color ranges.
These are 11 x 14 inch. Oil on textured canvas board.

Have been reading about the Georgia O"Keeffe estate this week. Home work. She did some amazing work. This is one of two so far in my attempts at florals.
This is 20 x 24 inches. Oil on canvas.

There has been absolutely no one coming through the gallery for the last couple of weeks. It is like living in a ghost town. The streets are empty. The shops are empty. The only people I see are the other store owners. I have sent cards,emailed and phoned everyone who has ever been in the gallery about 3 times each this month. I am driving them nuts.

This is what I have been doing in the extra time. Pastels on paper. 8 x 8 to 8 x 11 inches.
I am working on a series of mixed media works that have poetry on them. This was the first. They still need some work.

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