30 January 2008

Lost At Sea...

I never thought I would ever paint things like landscapes or seascapes. It was never appealing to me. Visiting museums I have seen some of the finest land and seascapes ever painted. To me they were always quite boring. I would admire the skill taken to create the works but quickly moved on to other things.

I had tried at times over the years to paint a landscape or two, just to stretch my mind and expand my skills. They always got painted over in the end. I never liked them.

Last January, 2007, I painted what I consider to be, my first seascape. It was the trip to Jamaica. It changed me. After years of living on the California coast, all of the sudden I was seeing the ocean differently. It became something else. It meant something else. I don't think I will ever look at the ocean the same way again.

Over the last thirteen months I have painted more than 50 seascapes. Even managed to sell a good number of them.

I'm pretty sure I will never make seascapes the focus of my work, but I will continue to paint them.

These three were stated and are dated 2007 but not finished until this month.

Untitled No 5, 12 x 16 inches, oil on canvas

Untitled triptych No 6, 12 x 36 inches each, oil on canvas.

Untitled triptych No 7, 10 x 30 inches each, oil on canvas.

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