22 January 2010

Round And Round We Go...

There is something about circles. It eludes me at this point. Everything is circular. The universe. Our solar system. Our planet. All planets for that matter. Our lives. Born live die. Circular in more ways than that.

At least my life is circular. I'm guessing that all our lives are.

The saying goes: what goes around, comes around. It sure as shit does. History repeats itself. Over and over and over.

I've been here before. Several times in fact. It would appear that my circle is about ten years in diameter. Give or take. The orbit moves a bit because the locations and settings have changed, but only a little at that.

How do I break orbit, or change it's rotation? How do I expand my circle? Can I change it, or am I stuck in this loop? I feel like I'm in an episode of Star Trek when they get stuck in a time causality loop. I realize I have been here before and it's much more than deja vu, but by the time I figure it out I've been sucked into the past again and start all over.

So, am I the one making people in my life act and react in similar ways to the different people in my life years ago that acted and reacted the way they did? Or am I attracted to people that are similar to the ones from my past? Quite frankly it's all just a bit frickin strange at times. It's like I've seen this movie but with different actors.

It seems that I am the only common factor. So around I go. And I hate merry go rounds. Makes me dizzy.

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Christine said...

Well, hold your arm out as you go around, and I'll high-5 ya. And then we'll get some kettle corn.