22 September 2010

I Was Wrong...

It's not a lack of creative thought that is ruining humanity. It's a lack of any thought at all.

When did it become impossible for people to pull their heads out of their asses long enough to look around?

Every day I get bombarded with the most asinine political and social trash I have ever heard. Sure, it doesn't help that I live in one of the few right wing conservative areas of California but seriously, people, open your minds, and your eyes, and close your mouths.

The political...

Everyone seems to have forgotten that our government is run by three branches. The president does not make decisions on his own. He doesn't just do things for the hell of it.

Have we all lost sight of the fact that our president needs the other two branches to get anything done? Let me remind you all that there are a Legislative, and Judicial branch as well as the Executive.

Try to think about the future of our country and not just the next election. Try to think about the good of the whole and not just what's good for you.

And the social...

When people like Snookie are getting paid $20,000 per, and more to make appearances at clubs, talk shows, and shoot magazine covers, it is seriously time to re-evaluate who we have become.

This has really gotten embarrassing.


eclectic said...

Hear, hear. SO exasperating!

Christine said...

If it helps, there is plenty of reason to believe that the people on your side of the aisle are motivated by selfishness and a basic unwillingness to think, too.

Really, I think we all need to understand that everyone is trying to make sense of the world and most of us are trying to improve it, even if we completely disagree on what would do the trick.

Coming to vastly different conclusions does not require that one side is unthinking and selfish, even if it seems obvious to each of us that the other side's way is completely mistaken and guarantees disaster for many, on many levels.

Mad William said...

It has nothing to do with one side or the other. Both sides are being moronic. No one seems capable of thinking beyond there own noses. The fact that everything has become us against them has just made it worse. There is no us or them and until we figure that out, nothing is going to change, or get better.
Unless you're one of the top 2%, then no matter what, you will always get better.