06 August 2007

The Lights Are On, But Nobody's Home...

I was talking with a lady today about our work. I mentioned that the piece she was looking at was a limited edition of 95 images.

Lady: What do the other 94 look like?

Me:.....They look just like this one. They're all exactly the same.

Lady: That's amazing. How talented do you have to be to make all 95 of them look the same?

Me: Excuse me?

Lady: So what medium is this one?

Me: There is no medium, it's a print.

Lady: I know it's a print but how is it done? Is it oil, acrylic, water color...?

Me: It's a print. It's printing ink. They are all printed at the same time. That's why they are all the same.

Lady: Yes, but it has to be something. It looks like oil to me but there is no texture. Oil paintings have texture.

Me: They don't always have texture, it depends on the artist. In this case this is a replica of the original oil. It is printed to look just like the painting.

Lady: Yes but someone had to paint this one.

Me: You seem to be confused. What part of print am I not explaining to you? They take the original painting, create a template, screens or scans and then it is printed onto the canvas with big machines. No one is painting these one at a time.

Lady: That's remarkable. So what medium is it?



Sizzle said...

this confirms it...you are a saint.

how do you deal with these idiots?!

eclectic said...

Good Lord... are you sure Dr. Seuss didn't paint this? ;)