25 August 2007

Hood To The Coast...

This is the course for the Hood to the Coast relay. 195 miles, day and night. The thought alone makes me tired. It's for a good cause but I would rather write a check and watch than participate.

This is Precious and Mr. Man. He and I are on our own for the weekend while Precious is participating in the Hood to the Coast relay. I am so proud of her. She has been training for months now. Getting up at 7am to go run while I slept.

Last night as it started to get dark Mr. Man began to ask where Mom was.
"When Mommy coming home Daddy?".

"She'll be home tomorrow." I would tell him.

He slid down in the chair and said, "That makes me sad daddy. I want Mommy home."

In the middle of the night he woke up asking if Mommy was home yet. As well as the first thing this morning. "Daddy, is Mommy home yet?"

"Not yet Mr., later today she will be home."

"That makes me sad Daddy."

"Me too buddy. But, it's only two days and for a good cause. Besides, you have a very cool Mom."

Good luck Baby!


Sizzle said...

that's an awesome endeavor. good luck to her!

Iron Fist said...

He does have a very cool mom! Congratulations to Precious for competing in this race.